Song Hailiang: Planning low-carbon transformation and integrated development

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  • Founded in 2011, China NCC operates in more than 140 countries and regions
  • Is a Chinese and even the world's energy power, infrastructure and other industries to provide development programs and services of comprehensive oversize enterprises
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Recently, the 9th issue of State Assets Report 2022 published an exclusive interview with Song Hailiang, Party secretary and chairman of China Energy Construction Group Co., LTD.

"We should adhere to the 'four major articles' of reform, management, development and Party building, and carry out systematic planning." "I think the most impressive keywords that can best reflect the big changes in the company and some of the important work of the company are reform, innovation and responsibility." Song Hailiang, Party secretary and chairman of China Can Construction, said in an interview with the Report on State Assets.

What important development achievements has China made in recent years? How does China NCC outline its ambitious blueprint for promoting energy transformation and achieving high-quality development? How can China NCCA create a "NCCA sample" to lead the reform of demonstrative central enterprises by implementing the three-year action of SOE reform? What is China's deep thinking and vision behind the digital transformation and integrated energy development? Recently, the reporter with these questions interviewed Song Hailiang.

Stick to problem orientation

State-owned Assets Report: Since 2020, you have been working for two years. Could you use some keywords to summarize your personal work experience and show the development of the company in recent years?

Song Hailiang: I came to China to build just two years, the work experience is multi-directional, is also comprehensive system. If I had to refine a few keywords, I think the most impressive ones, which can best reflect the major changes of the company and some important work of the company, are reform, innovation and responsibility.

The first key word is reform. Centering on the main line of reform, adhering to the concept first, thought guidance and strategic support, China NCC has promoted all-round reform of the company. Starting with the "three liberations", China can promote the emancipation of the mind, the liberation of the people, and finally the liberation of the productive forces. Through the "three optimizations", China can optimize the global distribution of productivity and industry, market and region, resources and capital from three dimensions. Through the "three integrations", China can build a system to promote the integration of production capacity, industry information and technology. Through the transformation and optimization of adaptive organization from three aspects, the top layer as China's "brain" is more capable of solving ideas and solutions, the middle layer as the "waist" further improves efficiency, ability and execution, and the base as the "base" builds a solid foundation.

The most impressive in the reform, I think you can use "three" six "to summarize, namely the top reform around" six questions "(direction, fundamental, overall and long-term problems, innovative, risk), middle reform around" six force "(energy, drive, power, traction, acceleration and driving force), The underlying reform revolves around the "six basic principles" (following basic common sense, basic law, basic logic, basic humanity, basic morality and basic rules) to construct the concept, strategy and culture, and ultimately form the core gist of China's reform.

The second key word is innovation. The change of the world, the change of technology brings about the change of industry, the change of competition pattern, and then bring about the drastic change of social industry. The most important changes in technology and industry have a huge impact on enterprises. Focusing on the "five changes" and combining with the requirements of SASAC, China Can make outstanding achievements in the "five innovations" of technology innovation, management innovation, model innovation, product innovation and service innovation. In terms of technological innovation, the number of projects successfully entered the national innovation system and key platform laboratories in China this year was about twice that of the previous five years.

China NCC was successfully listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, achieving A+H dual listing

The third key word is responsibility. If China can be built as a central enterprise, it must undertake the mission of the national team, listen to the Party, follow the Party, and faithfully implement the national strategy. In practice, whether it is reform, innovation, promoting high-quality development of enterprises and building world-class enterprises, we will face a variety of problems and challenges. To break the existing pattern of interests, ideas and customs that hinder development and progress requires responsibility and courage, dedication and even sacrifice. At this time, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial spirit is extremely important. In 2022, China Nengjian honored a number of responsible "two companies", namely entrepreneurs and innovators.

Facilitate low-carbon transition

State Assets Report: Just now, you mentioned that as a national team, the central enterprises should fulfill their mission and implement the national strategy. Then, how does China's development in energy and electricity sector resonate with the national development?

Hai-liang song: It has made outstanding contributions to ensuring the security of energy supply, promoting low-carbon energy transformation, and achieving high-quality development.

China can build as the main force in the field of electrical energy and infrastructure construction and the vanguard, has cooperated-builing the three gorges project, south-north water diversion project, west-east gas, xd to east, three generation of nuclear power and a series of major projects, like the casting such as east Germany, crane beach, hualong 1 and so on a number of countries of the world's most prestigious, It has made outstanding contributions to large-scale wind storage and transportation projects, UHV multi-terminal hybrid DC projects, high-altitude power transmission and transformation projects, and 1,240 MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired power generation projects.

In the new era, in response to the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council, China NCC has made great efforts to build a new type of power system, actively develop new energy sources, comprehensively contribute to the realization of the "double carbon" goal, and promote ecological priority and green development.

The renderings of the comprehensive energy station of Huizhou Daya Bay Petrochemical Zone, the first integrated comprehensive energy demonstration base project with hydrogen energy utilization in China

First of all, China can make full study and in-depth study of the major decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council, such as the "double carbon" target strategy and the new energy security strategy. For example, how should we implement it? How do you start at the top? How to do in the country end, industry end? What do I do with myself?

China can build a series of layout design and intellectual support for the 14th Five-Year Plan at the national end; At the industry end and the regional end, for the industry and provinces and autonomous regions to do more than 2/3 of the planning and "double carbon" target solutions; As for the company itself, China NCCA has defined its positioning and formulated comprehensive and professional plans. For example, China NCCA has formulated the Action Plan for Implementing the 30·60 Strategic Objectives (White Paper).

Secondly, China Energy Construction shall optimize and upgrade the existing organizational structure accordingly, and accelerate the construction of adaptive organizations. It has set up the Double Carbon Research Institute, Energy Storage Research Institute and Carbon Neutrality Research Institute, and led the formation of China's new energy storage industry innovation alliance, pioneering research and construction of compressed air energy storage, pumped storage, high-altitude wind energy, hydrogen energy and other demonstration projects.

Moreover, China NCCA will give full play to the power of think tanks and the driving role of scientific and technological innovation to promote the low-carbon transformation of the energy and electricity industry. As a state-level high-end consulting institution, China NCCA provides think tank support services such as industrial policy, development strategy and development planning for government departments and energy and power related enterprises. In the field of low-carbon industry planning and design, engineering construction and equipment manufacturing and other core business to carry out key technological breakthroughs.

In addition, China NCC has vigorously promoted openness and cooperation to facilitate low-carbon energy transition. China Energy Construction owns more than ten international cooperation platforms, such as the China Liaison Office of the International Energy Agency and the Secretariat of the Belt and Road Energy Cooperation Partnership. It has organized and hosted several international conferences, such as the Belt and Road Energy Ministers' Meeting, which has promoted exchanges and cooperation between China's energy industry and the world.

State ASSETS REPORT: Can you give an example of how China can build a national strategy that resonates with the same frequency?

Song Hailiang: Centering on the "one center" of "30·60" system solution and the "two basic points" of hydrogen energy and energy storage, China NengJian gives full play to the three major roles of "leading, driving and supporting" technology to support and lead the company to accelerate high-quality development.

For example, in terms of energy storage, China Nengjian and Ningde Times established Nengjian Times New Energy Storage Technology Research Institute Co., LTD., and established Digital Science Group, which focuses on 300,000-kilowatt compressed air energy storage technology, and took the lead in carrying out project verification in Yingcheng, Hubei Province and Chaoyang, Liaoning Province. In terms of hydrogen energy, China National Energy Construction has set up hydrogen energy Company, carried out the investment and construction of the integrated landscape and storage projects in Inner Mongolia Xing 'an League, Liaoning Chaoyang, Gansu Zhangye and other places, and planned and built a comprehensive hydrogen energy park with the function of "one base and three centers" in Lanzhou New Area.

Renderings of Lanzhou New Area Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park Project

In addition, the Jixi High Altitude wind Power Demonstration Project in Anhui Province, the first high altitude wind energy project invested, constructed and operated by China NCC, is being fully promoted. This is the first set in China. The construction of the project is the first engineering practice of high-altitude wind power generation technology and the "experimental field" for the industrialization of high-altitude wind power generation technology.

Stimulate the vitality of enterprises

State Assets Report: 2022 marks the end of the three-year campaign to reform state-owned enterprises. How can China promote high-quality development through deepening system reform?

Hai-liang song: Three years to promote the reform of state-owned enterprises action plan and implement the company "several opinions, 14 or 15 development planning, the overall layout optimization adjustment and organization restructuring integration plan" four sets of solutions and refinement "of the" four list "effective connection, anchor" three distinct effects "goal, the development of the new design and quality can be built stiffening fu.

China Can build a three-year reform action plan covering all aspects from the top to the middle level to the foundation, from institutions to mechanisms to culture, including about 200 items, all with set goals, systems, paths, measures and timetables.

First, great efforts should be made to improve the modern enterprise system, realize that the leadership of the Party is integrated into all aspects of corporate governance, and the major decision-making power of the board of directors is constantly implemented, so that the board of directors is fully established and outside directors are in the majority. Second, great efforts should be made to promote the iterative upgrading of industrial layout, expand the "six complete" business areas, build the "three new" platform, and form an industrial system in which the 12 major industries (businesses) promote each other and develop in a coordinated manner. Third, we will vigorously promote the transformation and construction of adaptive organizations, set up six business divisions and six regional headquarters (investment companies), set up specialized companies, create new support points and growth poles, and achieve profound changes in layout and structure with high quality. Fourth, we will make great efforts to improve the market-based operation mechanism, and focus on the reform of three systems to ensure that managers can rise and fall, employees can come and go, and incomes can rise or fall. Fifth, we will make great efforts to enhance our capacity for scientific and technological innovation. We will strive to create a source of original technologies and a long modern industrial chain by reshaping scientific and technological systems and mechanisms, creating a high-end R&D platform, tackling key and core technologies, building a competitive industrial platform, and building a team of high-quality talents. Sixth, great efforts will be made to deepen the special reform projects, and the subordinate "double hundred enterprises", "scientific reform demonstration enterprises" and "mixed reform pilot enterprises" will be cultivated as reform vanguard and reform model, and stimulate the endogenous driving force of reform and innovation and entrepreneurship vitality of grassroots enterprises.

During the three-year action period of state-owned enterprise reform, China can build some of the original want to change but not change, want to do but not do, want to do but not done, want to do but not done, have been highly recognized by SASAC, won the 2021 annual central enterprise reform three-year action key task assessment A level. At present, we have basically completed the main tasks of the three-year action.

To create a model of digital transformation

State Assets Report: Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, the national big data strategy has been implemented, the construction of digital China has been accelerated, and China's digital economy has developed rapidly. In this context, China Neng Construction proposed to build a "Neng construction model" for the digital transformation of central state-owned enterprises. What in-depth thinking and efforts have China made in this regard?

Song Hailiang: Digital transformation is indeed an important topic that has been considered and studied the most in the past two years. In my opinion, sharing economy, green low-carbon economy and digital smart economy will become the three economic forms in the future, so all industries, products, management and services in the future must be integrated into them. The foundation that China can build for high-quality, integrated and integrated development should also be built on the basis of these three economic forms.

First of all, centering on the flattening, centralization and platformization of the management mode, China NCC has continuously promoted the construction and transformation of adaptive organizations and innovated the management mode in the past two years.

Secondly, in terms of industry, for example, smart grid, digital power plant, automatic detection, automatic management, etc., China can build around digitalization to carry out product planning, design and management. China can build its own BIM center, realize the digitalization of product design, build a flexible digital factory in the future, turn the construction site into a factory from a construction site, and realize the unmanned and digital construction site.

Moreover, in terms of sharing economy, China NGOC has built four platforms -- the integration platform of industry and finance, the project management platform, the sharing platform, and the international supply chain management platform, which makes China NGOC take the lead in the digital transformation of the industry.

Hebei Fengning Pumped Storage Power Station

In the future, we will comprehensively promote digital transformation and upgrading, and integrate product digitalization, industry digitalization and digital industrialization to achieve common, common and win-win results.

State Assets Report: The energy integration plan you proposed at the Boao Forum for Asia in 2022 has attracted much attention. What are China's efforts and practices in promoting energy integration?

Song Hailiang: First of all, the large-scale or extensive development in the past has the problem of fragmentation. The degree of industrial integration is not high, and barriers exist between factors and industries. Secondly, the realization of integrated development can minimize the cost, maximize the value, fully exploit all value points, turn all industrial chains into effective value chains, and effective value chains into effective management chains.

For example, in the process of urban water, electricity and network transformation, it is often the relevant units of water, electricity and network construction independently, the same road is repeatedly cut off, not only low efficiency, high cost, and cause inconvenience to the people. Through the integration of "seven networks", digital and intelligent construction, construction and management can be realized, which can promote the deep integration and integrated development.

In April of 2022, China will build presented at the annual meeting of the boao Asia BBS, the current company is focusing on energy network, network, digital network, water conservancy, ecological network, industry network, culture network "seven network" depth fusion, prominent factors of cross-border fusion, fusion, industry integration, regional integration "" four fusion, let fusion is everywhere, The three trends of "integration", "digital intelligence" and "connectivity" will flourish.

Centering on the integrated development of "energy +", China Can strengthen demand guidance and model innovation, and take the initiative to provide customers with integrated plans of planning consulting, project planning, model design and financing landing. At present, China Can Construction is actively promoting the implementation of a number of "energy + infrastructure" projects, for example, the successful practice and development of Gansu Qingyang "East and West computing" source network, lotus and storage integration of number and energy integration demonstration project, Shandong Zaohe high-speed light and storage integration of energy integration demonstration project.

Turning over the historical development process, three main axes have promoted the progress of social civilization, one is energy, one is information, and one is ecology. In promoting the integration of these three main axes, China can make a difference. Editor/He Yuting