Shantui bulldozer was awarded the national manufacturing individual champion

Seetao 2022-10-28 11:55
  • Shantui continuously plough deep into the professional field, leading the development of construction machinery industry
  • In the future, Shantui will provide efficiency for the construction machinery industry to develop from made in China to smart Made in China
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Recently, Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the seventh batch of national manufacturing individual champion enterprises (products) list, Sandi construction machinery Co., Ltd. bulldozer products were successfully approved as national manufacturing individual champion products.

To be a champion, a company has to be focused and deep in its products for a long time. The market share of the applied products should be among the top three in the world, and have core independent intellectual property rights, and strong innovation ability, which shows that it is full of gold. As one of the world's top 50 construction machinery manufacturers and China's top 500 manufacturing companies, Shantui has opened up a road of industrial upgrading different from other industries, and also opened the era of bulldozer independent innovation belonging to China.

In the first quarter of 2017, the share of Shantu in the bulldozer industry was close to 80%. In the face of such industry myths, we can not help but sigh: how can Chinese bulldozer manufacturing enterprises become the world's top brands? With what has Shantui been leading the bulldozer industry in China for many years?

After 70 years of tempering, Shantui has created the ace product of high-horsepower bulldozer. Since then, Shanti has continuously mastered the core technologies such as intelligent control system and high-pressure hydraulic system of high-horsepower bulldozer.

Since the launch of the fist products such as SD60-C5, SD90-C5, etc. of Shantui Bulldozer, while enhancing the world influence of Chinese brands, Shantui gives full play to the advantages of research and development, technology and manufacturing, constantly expanding the research and development of bulldozer "champion" products, and continues to deepen the professional field.

Facing the wave of the fourth industrial revolution with intelligence as the core and interconnection as the basis, Shantui actively embraces the change, focuses on the advance layout of "numerical control" and "intelligent", and brings the research and development and production of construction machinery into a new era.

The black light factory and digital workshop are the embodiment of digital technology integrated into the R&D and manufacturing of new products. At the same time, according to customer demands, Shantui customized and developed intelligent construction mode to build the future construction machinery mode of "construction machinery + Internet". Electrification is the main exploration direction for the future development of the industry. In 2020, the world's first SD17E-X pure electric bulldozer was successfully rolled off the production line, and the company first realized the batch promotion of pure electric loaders in the industry, and also took the lead in the development and promotion of pure electric construction machinery in the industry.

After the in-depth adjustment period of the industry, Chinese construction machinery users have become more rational in their choice of products. In view of the current situation, Shantui transformed the enterprise vision into a leader in smart construction solutions. With intelligent construction service platform and intelligent equipment as the core, we strive to build intelligent construction system and package solutions. Relying on the advantages of the group's gold core industrial chain, we will build a green manufacturing system, make every effort to create a new enterprise value chain, redefine the new industry standard with more reliable quality, higher efficiency and lower use cost, and lead the industry development with the leader.

It is not difficult to see, through the industry downward cycle, is the core mission of Shantui digital shoulder. Standing at the intersection of a century of changes, Shantui is building the key to growth in the next few years through digitalization and intelligence. For the future, Shantui also strives to lead the industry to follow the progress of "smart manufacturing" through digitalization and intelligence, and provide efficiency for "Made in China" to "smart manufacturing in China". Editor/He Yuting