The main body of Tibet's Pazi water conservancy project started

Seetao 2022-10-31 17:12
  • The total construction period of the project is 66 months, and the total reservoir capacity is 375 million cubic meters
  • The task of the project is mainly irrigation and power generation, combined with urban and rural water supply, and create conditions for improving the regional water ecological environment
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On October 28, 2022, the main project of Tibet's Pazi Water Conservancy Project and its supporting irrigation area officially started construction, and the project has fully entered the implementation stage. This project is the highest major water conservancy project under construction in China and the first major water conservancy project newly started during the 14th Five-Year Plan period in Tibet.

Pazi water conservancy project and supporting irrigation projects

Pazi Water Conservancy Project and supporting irrigation project are composed of the project, Angren water supply project and supporting irrigation project. The main dam adopts asphalt concrete core dam with a maximum height of 108 meters. The irrigation project has arranged 6 trunk canals, with a total length of 83.72 kilometers. The total construction period is 66 months and the total investment is 2.938 billion yuan.

According to the introduction, the normal water storage level of the reservoir of Pazi Water conservancy project and supporting irrigation area project is 4325 meters. It is one of the 150 major water conservancy projects identified by The State Council of China and a leading project for the implementation of rural revitalization strategy in Xigaze City. Bian Ba Ciren, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of Xigaze Qomolangma City Investment Group, introduced that the Paze water conservancy project and supporting irrigation area project are located in the Duoxiong Zangbo Canyon reach in Angren County, Xigaze City. The reservoir has a total storage capacity of 375 million cubic meters and an average annual water supply of 19.7 million cubic meters. The designed irrigation area is 42,800 mu. The installed capacity of the power station is 58 megawatts and the annual average electricity generation is 206 million kilowatt-hours.

After completion of the project, it can improve the irrigation guarantee rate of the downstream irrigation area of the reservoir, effectively alleviate the water shortage problem of spring and winter drought in the irrigated area, develop local hydropower resources, and basically solve the problem of winter electricity shortage in 5 counties of Xigaze City. It can also provide reliable and high-quality drinking water to Angren County. At the same time, the project construction will play an important role in promoting high-quality economic and social development in Tibet, promoting rural revitalization, improving people's wellbeing, and improving the ecological environment. Editor/He Yuting