Jingzhou ironwater intermodal transport hub project started

Seetao 2022-11-02 11:22
  • After completion, it will help to integrate the construction of multimodal transportation system
  • It will help open up a new pattern of export-oriented economic development and enhance the port's ability to serve local economy
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On Nov 1, 2022, the project of Jingzhou · bulk commodity iron-water combined transport hub was started in Jiangling County, Hubei Province. The total investment of 11 major projects is 8.8 billion yuan, and three special railway lines will be built. According to the introduction, the activity is sponsored by Jingzhou City government and Hubei Port Group, and the project will focus on the upgrading of hazardous industries, multimodal transportation demonstration project, port-clearing railway, warehousing and logistics park, smart port new infrastructure and other fields.

Jingzhou iron and water combined transportation logistics center

Jingzhou city with a total investment of 2.4 billion yuan, the molten iron intermodal logistics center is the largest project in the centralized construction investment, covers an area of 1064 mu, including port terminals, the construction of logistics parks and railway private sidings three content, including railway private sidings from both jing railway (shashi steel pipe) lead, reach project north new jiangling west station and extends into the logistics park.

Jiangling Petrochemical Warehousing and Trading Base project

Jiangling Petrochemical Warehousing and Trading Base Project has a total investment of 1.47 billion yuan. The first phase covers an area of 426.2 mu. The construction content includes a petrochemical storage tank area with a capacity of 300,000 cubic meters and a connecting pipe corridor, and a special railway line from Jiangling Station of Haoji Railway to the base. With a total investment of 870 million yuan, the special railway line of Jingzhou Port Group Co., Ltd. connects to Jiaoliu line from the opposite side of Liuzhou terminal station of Peach Ling station, then turns southeast, passes Jiaoliu Railway and crosses Yiyang first class highway, and builds a new port station on the south side of Cheyanghe port.

This work also includes port of jingzhou jiangling petrochemical wharf, jiangling guanyin temple port economic development zone, the first phase of composite pipe corridor, jingzhou pine zi shipping center building, jingzhou port of the port logistics park, jingzhou iron salt card three periods of multi-purpose wharf extension project, the port of jingzhou salt card phase iv multi-purpose wharf engineering, port of jingzhou pine zi hing wisdom port bulk cargo wharf engineering, jingzhou chu 8 projects such as the new infrastructure .

According to Yao Hua, chief engineer of Jingzhou Port Group, Jingzhou is located in the yellow and gold Waterway of the Yangtze River and the double cross of Haoji Railway and Jiaoliu Railway, with obvious geographical advantages, but the construction of transportation infrastructure such as special lines for port transfer to railway is relatively backward. After the completion of this centralized project, Jingzhou bulk commodity transportation will be faster, lower cost, truly realize the seamless connection of hot metal combined transportation. Editor/He Yuting