The first orderShanghai Trading Groupthe 5th China International Fair was born!

Seetao 2022-11-05 14:46
  • Vietnam has built eight hub bases in China
  • Yuehai will take East China as its business center, rely on the unique geographical location advantage of Qingpu District, and improve its transportation network system
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In the morning of November 5, 2022, on the first day of the opening of the Fifth China International Import Expo, Qingpu District's convenient news - "Cross the Mountain and Cross the Sea" of the global supply chain, and the exhibitors Philips (China) Investment Co., Ltd. "joined hands" to reach a purchase intent order of 300 million dollars, winning the "first order" of the Shanghai trading group!

According to Qingpu District, this order involves fashionable electronic consumer products. Purchasing and exhibitors will work together from warehousing and logistics, e-commerce operation, distribution execution and other aspects to integrate high-quality resources, give full play to their respective advantages, and carry out more dimensional, deeper, all-round and high-level cooperation.

Cross sea to build smart logistics

Philips, the exhibitor, has participated in the Expo for the fifth consecutive year. As a large multinational company, Philips has continuously brought global cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements to the Chinese market, deployed strong innovation and helped "China's smart manufacturing". Effectively undertake the spillover effect of the Expo, constantly expand the "circle of friends", upgrade cooperation and sign contracts.

The purchaser Yuehai Global Supply Chain is a global and innovative supply chain collaboration enterprise. The first "integrated supply chain" model has always led the development direction of China's logistics supply chain industry. As one of the first batch of "supply chain innovation and application demonstration enterprises" of the Ministry of Commerce, "logistics industry and manufacturing industry deeply integrated innovation enterprises" of the National Development and Reform Commission, a national 5A level logistics enterprise, one of the top 50 logistics enterprises in China, and the first "unicorn" enterprise in the global logistics supply chain industry, Yuehai is constantly deepening the integration and innovation of the integrated supply chain, and is committed to providing customers with efficient, safe and smooth commercial logistics services.

Vietnam has built eight hub bases in the country, and has successively established global supply chain service network nodes in Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Russia, the United Kingdom and other countries along the the Belt and Road. The next step is to further build intelligent logistics, build a digital supply chain system, realize the global allocation of resources, and support the world and future oriented industrial planning, Demonstrate vigorous economic development.

This "old friend" who entered the Expo was not only attracted by the open and win-win "strong magnetic field" of the global economic stage, but also coincided with the energy and gas field of the "hub portal" of Qingpu District, and finally opened the "future style" of logistics into the "gate" of Qingpu -- from 2022, Vietnam will take East China as its business center, relying on the unique geographical location advantage of Qingpu District, perfect transportation network system, and rich industrial chain resources, Based on the Yangtze River Delta and facing the world, we should work together to open up a larger market, open up the main artery of the logistics supply chain from production to sales, form a circulation loop that connects a large number of people and a wide range of manufacturing industries, and better play the role of the golden channel of domestic and international logistics.

Since the first Expo in 2018, Qingpu District has signed the "first order" for five consecutive years, with a cumulative turnover of more than $3 billion. Qingpu Trading Sub group has participated in nearly 10000 enterprises registered in the Expo. Driven by the radiation of the Expo, the siphon effect of industrial projects has continued to increase. Since 2019, the total amount of new foreign direct investment in the region has reached 3.14 billion US dollars. Qingpu District of Hongqiao CBD has gathered 5 listed companies and 68 headquarters enterprises. Since 2022, 8 trade headquarters and 4 domestic enterprise headquarters have been added. It has gathered smart chips represented by Huawei Haisi, digital home appliances represented by Midea, location-based services represented by Beidou and other digital industries. It has successfully introduced leading enterprises such as Qisheng, Kenaicosa, Yunli, Anyong Anrui, etc. Beidou West Hongqiao Base has been approved as a national professional characteristic service export base, and Hongqiao Digital Logistics Equipment Port has been selected into the third batch of 13 characteristic industrial parks in the city. Key words: the Belt and Road, the Belt and Road News, Expo

In addition, as the permanent venue of the Expo, Qingpu District, relying on the National Convention and Exhibition Center, has established Hongqiao International Convention and Exhibition Industrial Park, which has settled in more than 200 convention and exhibition enterprises, and has formed a whole industry chain ecology where convention and exhibition venues, sponsors and supporting service enterprises work together. In the past four years, 185 exhibitions were held in "Four leaf Grass", with an exhibition area of more than 18 million square meters and a passenger flow of more than 10 million people, accounting for more than half of the number of major exhibitions in the city. The accumulated exhibition area of the first four sessions of the Expo is 1.356 million square meters; 946 supporting activities have been held in total; The total turnover reached US $272.3 billion. The spillover effect of the Expo continued to expand in Qingpu.Editor/XuNing