The first shield machine of Jinan Rail Transit Line 6, Qilu No.1, starts
Seetao 2022-11-07 14:34
  • Jinan Rail Transit Line 6 has a total length of 39.1km, 33 stations, all of which are underground lines
  • Qilu No.1 will advance at a normal speed of 15 to 20 meters per day
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On November 5, 2022, with the huge cutter head slowly turning, the first shield machine "Qilu No.1" for the whole line of Jinan Rail Transit Line 6 started at Yujiazhuang Station, the civil engineering work area 1 undertaken by the Third Construction Company of China Railway 10th Bureau, marking that the western section of Jinan Rail Transit Line 6 project has officially entered a new stage of shield construction!

Yu Keshan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Trade Union of China Railway 10th Bureau, Liu Fengzhou, Deputy General Manager of Jinan Rail Transit, and Qi Dunqiang, Deputy General Manager of China Railway Shanghai Investment attended the launching ceremony of the shield. The Third Construction Company of China Railway 10th Bureau, the General Contracting Department of China Railway Shanghai Investment Corporation, relevant principals of Jinan Rail Transit and construction participants from all work areas attended the ceremony.

Yu Keshan said that since the commencement of the project, with the strong support and help of all parties, the construction of Jinan Metro Line 6 has made rapid progress and achieved remarkable results. This is the result of the care and help of the construction unit, supervision and design units, as well as the joint efforts of all participants. The staff participating in the construction of China Railway 10th Engineering Group Co., Ltd. should take this event as an opportunity to further give play to their own management, technical and territorial advantages, promote the construction of follow-up projects with high standards, quality and efficiency, work hard and bravely, and contribute to the building of a "safe subway, green subway, smart subway, quality subway"!

Jinan Rail Transit Line 6 starts from Weilizhuang Station, passes through Huaiyin District, Shizhong District, Tianqiao District, Lixia District and Licheng District, and ends at Liangwang East Station, roughly in an east-west direction. The total length of the line is 39.1km, with 33 stations, all of which are underground lines.

Route Map of Jinan Rail Transit Line 6

As the first subway line crossing the old urban area and spring sensitive area in Jinan, the hydrogeological conditions of Jinan Rail Transit Line 6 are extremely complex, with the engineering characteristics of "one big, two difficult, three high and four complex". Since the official commencement at the end of 2021, the Third Construction Company of China Railway 10th Bureau has focused on the construction goal of "building a subway satisfying the people", giving full play to the integrated advantages of China Railway 10th Bureau in technology, management, talents, equipment and other aspects, and rapidly and orderly promoting the project construction.

The participating project departments carried forward the spirit of "pioneer" and took the initiative to overcome the difficulties of land acquisition, slow demolition, tight construction period, heavy task and repeated epidemic. One year later, Yujiazhuang Station, the first station on the whole line, took the lead in successfully capping. In the process, the Project Department attached importance to safety, strict requirements, high quality and progress, and standardized and civilized construction was recognized by all parties. After the start of this shield, "Qilu No.1" will be driven forward at a normal speed of 15-20 meters per day under 24-hour intelligent and information monitoring.

Jinan Rail Transit Line 6 of China Railway 10th Bureau with fruitful results

Jinan Rail Transit Line 6 Project is the third east-west rail transit backbone line in Jinan, following Line 2 which has been opened to traffic and Phase I of Line 4 which is under construction. It is characterized by many transfer points and wide radiation area. It connects the international medical science center, the headquarters city of central enterprises, Daming Lake, high-tech industrial park, Jinan Pilot Free Trade Zone, the headquarters city of provincial enterprises and other large passenger flow distribution points and key development areas.

After completion, the line will become a golden line to accelerate the flow of economic activities and production factors from east to west in Jinan urban area, bring metro energy to "east strong", "west prosperous" and "middle excellent" in Jinan, and enable citizens of Quancheng to enjoy more convenient travel services as soon as possible. Editor/Zhao E


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