How to achieve the best power selection of high-end construction machinery

Seetao 2022-11-11 18:50
  • Weichai's Linde Forklift, Dematek, Linde Hydraulic, Faraday, Boduan and other overseas high-end brands made a stunning appearance
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On November 5, 2022, along the Huangpu River in Shanghai, the "time to enter the Expo" that all industries eagerly awaited was opened again. With the invitation to enter the Expo, thousands of businessmen gather. Green and low carbon has become a hot word in recent sessions of the Expo. In this Expo, "green" and "low carbon" elements can be seen everywhere.

In this exhibition, Weichai's Linde Forklift, Dematek, Linde Hydraulic, Faraday, Boduan, Ballard, Odes and other overseas high-end brands made a stunning appearance, showing Weichai's global leading technological advantages in the fields of intelligent logistics, marine transportation equipment and new energy power to customers around the world.

Double engine drive opens up diversified power mode

As a leading enterprise in the diesel engine industry, Weichai has been in the field of new energy for a long time. Weichai started to build a complete chain from batteries, engines, systems and even the downstream vehicle business of the industrial chain as early as it could not reach the market.

In this Expo, Odes drive motor and Ballard hydrogen fuel cell were both exhibited for the first time. Among them, the motor controller and motor products from Otex are important components of the "battery+motor+electronic control" new energy power integration system built by Weichai.

It is understood that among the core components of the fuel cell, the stack is the "heart" of the fuel cell, providing electricity; The air compressor is the "lung" of the fuel cell, providing the stack with an appropriate amount of oxygen under appropriate pressure. From the "heart" stack to the "lung" air compressor, Weichai has basically completed the layout of the whole hydrogen fuel cell industry chain through a series of joint ventures and cooperation.

In 2020, Weichai's annual production of 20000 hydrogen fuel cell engines will be officially put into operation. In 2021, 2 billion of the 13 billion yuan of fixed growth will be used for the construction of the fuel cell industry chain. At present, Weichai hydrogen fuel cell products have covered 50kw-200kw, which can meet the needs of a variety of complex working conditions such as long endurance and low temperature, and have been put on the market in batches.

Power source of the whole scene Weichai hydraulic power assembly

At present, the global suppliers of construction machinery parts can only provide a single engine or hydraulic components. Weichai and Linde hydraulic technology can cooperate to provide a powertrain solution of engine+hydraulic transmission system to achieve the optimization effect of 1+1>2.

In this Expo, Linde Hydraulics demonstrated the hydrostatic HST power assembly used for loaders, and achieved batch installation and matching. This hydrostatic power assembly combines the technical resources of Weichai's engine+Linde hydraulic+gearbox, which can save 20% - 25% energy compared with hydraulic machinery products, and improve the operating efficiency by 15% - 20%. As the first hydrostatic product in China, Weichai will lead the loader industry in a new round of upgrading with its strength.

In the context of the national strategy of "carbon neutrality", the engine industry will usher in a golden era of development. Weichai, as the industry leader taking core technology innovation as the "moat" of the enterprise, will undoubtedly enjoy the largest dividend. In the future, Weichai will continue to maintain its own R&D innovation and industrial chain layout advantages, and become the best power choice for the global high-end construction machinery market!Editor/Xing Wentao


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