Why do customers of Southwest Lvtong choose Weichai WP2.5N engine?
Seetao 2022-11-12 21:07
  • In the scene of Lvtong in Southwest China, the large force of light trucks has become the common appeal of all Lvtong customers
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Fresh fruits and vegetables are indispensable necessities in daily life and occupy an important position in the retail consumer market. If people want to eat fresh fruits, they need to deliver fruits and vegetables and other agricultural and sideline products to customers on time and on time, which requires high timeliness.

Although different regions and different working conditions may have different vehicle scenarios, the high horsepower and high torque of light trucks have become the common appeal of all Lucent customers in the Southwest Lucent scenario.

Why does the Southwest China Green Communication Association have to be powerful?

It is well known that there are many mountains and steep slopes in Southwest China, especially in Yunnan and Guizhou, where the proportion of mountain roads is as high as 84%, which means that customers of Lvtong Transportation face various mountain climbing challenges every day, so the demand for horsepower and torque of light trucks is more urgent.

During the visit to Yunnan, in addition to the conditions of mountain roads, we also found that the light trucks of the local Peluton also need to go directly to the fields for loading. The fully loaded vehicles want to start smoothly in the fields, which also puts forward higher requirements for the power output of the engine.

What engines are used to run Lvtong in Southwest China?

According to the situation during the visit, Weichai, Yunnei and Cummins are the three major light trucks in Southwest China. Weichai's market share in Yunnan will increase by 7% in 2022. Up to now, nearly 1300 HOWO light trucks equipped with Weichai 2.5N engine and Shandong new energy commercial vehicle light trucks have been sold in Yunnan and Guizhou, and Weichai's market share in Yunnan will reach 19%; Yunnei, as the local power of Southwest China, accounts for about 16% of the city of Yunnan; The market share of Anhui Cummins is about 11%, and that of Foton Cummins is about 7%. From the data, we can see that Weichai is rapidly occupying the southwest light truck market with a rapid momentum, and has become the main vehicle choice for Lvtong customers.

What is the reason for the explosion of Weichai 2.5N engine in Southwest China?

As we have said before, the power and torque of the green transportation in the southwest region is strong. However, from the current mainstream light truck power that complies with the regulations on the market, most 2.5L displacement engines have power output between 120-130 horsepower, and the torque range is about 350-400 Nm. However, the maximum output of Weichai WP2.5N engine can reach 160 horsepower, and the peak torque can reach 450 Nm. Its power performance is more than 10% higher than that of other competitors. It is one of the light truck engines with the largest horsepower and torque output on the market.

What advantages can Weichai 2.5N engine bring to Southwest Lvtong Transportation?

Lvtong Transportation needs to ensure the "freshness" of its products, that is, to deliver the products in the fastest time. Strong performance and extreme stability have become the key to success. The low speed torque of Weichai WP2.5N engine can reach 360 Nm, allowing the vehicle to start easily in the field even when fully loaded; The characteristics of high horsepower and torque can also make the vehicle speed faster when climbing, and the average speed is faster on high speed. The efficiency of Lvtong transportation is certainly higher.

For Lvtong Transportation, high reliability is the key to complete transportation operations on time and on time. In addition to the regional characteristics of the southwest mountains, the reliability of the engine is particularly important. Weichai WP2.5N engine adopts cast iron cylinder head, high-strength piston and other accessories, as well as open breathing system and other design structures, so that the whole machine is not only more robust and durable than products of the same level in terms of stiffness and strength. Its B10 service life is up to 800000 kilometers, higher than the level of engines of the same level in the industry. High reliability makes transportation for customers of Southwest Lvtong easier.

In addition to its high efficiency and reliability, the Weichai WP2.5N engine also performs well in the southwest mountain areas. It has sufficient power reserves, and the speed is within the economic range for a long time. Other small horsepower engines need to increase the speed to obtain the maximum torque. In the case of continuous climbing in the southwest, the fuel consumption of Weichai WP2.5N engine can be 1L/100km lower than other engines of the same level, helping Lvtong customers save more costs.

Perhaps it is precisely by virtue of its strong comprehensive strength that Weichai WP2.5N will continue to increase its market share in the southwest. Not only does Weichai WP2.5N perform well in the Lucong market, but also Weichai WP2.5N engine continues to develop in the fields of intercity transportation, urban distribution transportation, express transportation, etc. in the southwest, which has become the preferred power for users to buy cars. Editor/Xing Wentao


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