Leading the G era, visiting XCMG how to stir up the four national storms

Seetao 2022-11-14 14:23
  • XCMG excavators and new G series excavators were unveiled for the first time
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The 2022 China (Xuzhou) International Construction Machinery Fair will be officially opened in Xuzhou Huaihai International Expo Center on November 10, 2022. With the theme of "To Xuzhou, sell to the world", this fair has attracted domestic and foreign construction machinery enterprises and industry elites to discuss the new trend of industry development.

He who observes power is wise, and he who controls power wins

Thunder falls from thousands of peaks, and rain comes from thousands of peaks. The tide of the fourth generation is rolling, and the mountains are magnificent. Who is the main peak? In order to prevent and control the environmental pollution caused by the emissions of non road diesel machinery, since December 1, 2022, the state has stipulated that all non road mobile machinery and its diesel engines must comply with the national four ranking standard. With the "war in the city" of non road country IV emission standards, more environmental protection, more intelligence, more efficiency and more safety have become the general trend of engineering machinery research and development.

In the face of the upgrading of emission standards, XCMG excavator has demonstrated its attitude and confidence to embrace the Fourth National Day with practical actions. At this Xuzhou exhibition, XCMG XE17U, XE26U, XE35U, XE60GA, XE75GH, XE205GH, XE335GK, XE600GK and other representative national four products all appeared. From 1 ton to 65 tons, XCMG excavator "G" series new products cover the whole series of micro, small, medium and large excavators. It is worth noting that the "G" series product conference of XCMG excavator will be held at the end of November 2022. At that time, XCMG excavator will once again reshape the new pattern of China's excavator industry.

Value benchmark, G leads the future

From smart+digital to carbon neutral and carbon peak, XCMG excavators have found a way of energy conservation, environmental protection and intelligent innovation in the struggle with industry giants.

XCMG's excavator "G" series products started from Guosi, which created industry boutiques with more environmental protection and higher returns, realized the platform and modularization of the whole series of products, and rapidly promoted the transformation and upgrading of Guosi excavator products. As a new product of "G" series, XCMG excavator has created a series of innovative upgrading schemes based on "G" from the perspective of product strength.

G is better: technical upgrading. As the representative models of the "G" series of small, medium and large digs, XE60GA, XE335GA and XE600GK are "reborn" in terms of technical upgrading compared with the previous generation of products. XE60GA adopts a new optimized second-generation main valve. Its unique main valve flow compensation technology enables accurate flow distribution, more smooth compound operation and 10% improvement in operation efficiency. XE335GK upgraded XCMG customized engine, positive flow hydraulic system and large bore main valve, which can improve efficiency and save energy. XE600KG has upgraded the main valve with large diameter and low pressure loss, and is matched with the main pump with large displacement, so that the flow output is larger, the speed is faster, and the operation efficiency is higher.

G quality experience: excellent quality. In terms of reliability, the three representative products of the G series have all passed rigorous component tests, and the average market verification has exceeded 10000 hours. G Care: excellent sense of experience and upgraded service level. The market oriented G series products have strengthened their intelligent attributes and created a sense of experience. G-limit application: diversified construction, first-class working condition adaptability. XE60GA, XE335GA and XE600GK multi specification working devices can meet the requirements of construction under various working conditions.

Adhering to the excellent gene of XCMG excavator products, the new XCMG G series excavator products have realized the optimization of the overall product type spectrum and the overall improvement of the product's comprehensive performance, meeting the non road national four emission standards. The G series product conference of XCMG excavator held at the end of November will show us the new solution concept of XCMG excavator in the context of green and sustainable development and national four emission upgrading.

Dig deep into the moat and Rio Tinto's new market. For China's construction machinery industry, a new era has opened, and the new king is on the way. Let's wait and see whether XCMG excavators can become the first group to reach the national four emission upgrading vent.Editor/Xing Wentao