Construction of China's largest single underground iron ore mine has begun
Seetao 2022-11-16 14:28
  • Xianshan Iron Mine is an undeveloped monomer underground iron mine with large reserves and good endowment
  • After it is completed and put into operation, it will become a world-class underground iron mine with an annual output of 10 million tons of iron concentrate
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On November 16, 2022, China's largest single underground iron mine, the West Anshan Iron Mine of Anshan Iron and Steel Co., LTD., officially began construction. With a total investment of 22.9 billion yuan, the project will become a green, intelligent, waste free and disturbance free underground iron mine.

Xianshan Iron Mine project

The Xianshan Iron Mine project is an important measure for Anshan Iron and Steel to implement the spirit of the Party's Twenty Great, keep in mind the great of the country, accelerate the construction of a world-class enterprise, and create a high-quality development of new Anshan Iron and Steel. This will make better use of both domestic and international markets and resources, actively serve and integrate into the new development pattern, accelerate the promotion of the cornerstone plan, enhance the iron ore resource supply guarantee ability, promote the industry ecology towards a more open, inclusive, inclusive, balanced and win-win direction, and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the iron and steel industry. It is of great significance to promote the all-round revitalization of Liaoning and Northeast China in the new era.

Iron ore is the grain of iron and steel industry, the important material foundation of economic construction and social development. A stable and healthy supply of raw materials is an important guarantee for the high-quality development of the iron and steel industry. As a steel enterprise with a complete industrial chain and the most advantageous resources in China, Angang has always adhered to the concept of win-win cooperation, focused on the development needs of upstream and downstream, and focused on strengthening innovation and cooperation in technology and business model. Through the implementation of strategy-led systematic innovation, Angang has formed a technology series with efficient utilization of lean iron ore as the core. While formulating the national and industry standards for 48 iron ore industries, the output of iron concentrate ranks the first in China, providing important raw material supply guarantee for the development of our iron and steel industry. Entering the new era, in order to fully, accurately and comprehensively implement the new development concept and provide services to build a new development pattern, Angang Steel has determined the strategic goal of "7531", elevates the development of mineral resources to the group's "dual-core" strategy, and makes systematic planning for the development and utilization of iron ore resources. We will accelerate the construction of a number of high-quality iron ore projects with superior resource endowment, large scale and long-term cost competitiveness, represented by Xianshan Iron Mine, and strive to build a world-class resource development enterprise.

Xianshan Iron Mine is located 7 km southwest of Qianshan District, Anshan City, Liaoning Province. The project adheres to the open aggregation of innovative resources. It will adopt the mining process of large-diameter deep-hole open stope subsequent filling method with advanced technology, high efficiency, fast production capacity release and strong safety in the mining field in the world at present, and focus on the deep integration of green and intelligent technology. By using underground waste rock and mineral tailing to fill, it can effectively ensure the stability of underground rock mass and ensure the surrounding environment is not damaged. Make full use of intelligent technology, gradually realize the remote operation of downhole fixed installation equipment, on-site unattended, remote fault diagnosis and technical services, and provide an overall solution for the green and efficient development of global lean iron ore resources.

To build a world-class underground iron mine. Xianshan Iron Mine project aims at the advanced level of the world, focusing on "world-class scale, world-class cost and world-class products", taking the practice path of creating first-class cost control, first-class system and mechanism, first-class innovation ability, first-class ecological environment and first-class intelligent manufacturing, and driving the innovation of management mode and system and mechanism with advanced technology. Promote the main mining and beneficiation process indicators, technical and economic indicators to reach the world's first-class mine level.

We will build demonstration zones for ecological progress. Xianshan Iron Mine project adheres to the "ecological priority and green development", aims to create a first-class ecological environment in the mining industry, coordinates the development of mineral resources and environmental protection, protects the surface topography of Xianshan from the source of the process, and achieves the source of pollution prevention, non-waste resource utilization, low carbonization of energy consumption and harmonious mining environment. To realize the harmonious unity of resource exploitation and ecological environment, and set a model for the sustainable development of mining industry and mining city.

We will improve the development and utilization of iron ore resources. Xianshan Iron Mine project relies on the absolute resource advantage, adheres to the innovation-driven strategy, advances the layout of cutting-edge technologies and the key technologies to enhance the core competitiveness, grasps the research and development direction of deep mining, intelligent mining, efficient mineral processing and green development, and adopts the construction technology of kilometer vertical hard rock full section roadheader to drive belt inclined shaft, ramp and auxiliary shaft for the first time in domestic iron mine. To create a precedent for the research and application of key technologies and equipment at home and abroad. Focusing on green, ecological, intelligent, low-carbon, waste-free and efficient mining and beneficiation, research and popularization of new theories, new technologies and new equipment are carried out to improve the development and utilization level of iron ore resources and drive the large-scale development of lean iron ore resources in Anshan and Benxi areas.

Create a typical scene of mine intelligent manufacturing. Xianshan Iron Mine project focuses on the development strategy of intelligent manufacturing, grasps the opportunity of the new round of industrial revolution with intelligent manufacturing as the core technology, integrates the new generation of information technology such as big data, artificial intelligence, mobile Internet, cloud computing and 5G with large industrial production, and is driven by the comprehensive enabling and innovation of intelligent manufacturing. We will realize intelligent production equipment, automation of production processes, integration of production management and control, and collaborative networking of industrial chains. We will comprehensively improve management and essential safety, build unmanned factories and black-light factories, and make new contributions to building a smart manufacturing country and a digital China.

We will set a new benchmark for central-local cooperation. In the implementation of the Xianshan Iron Mine project, a sound mechanism of central-local cooperation has been established to promote the deep integration of the "double saddle" between Anshan and Anshan. Relying on the construction of a national comprehensive steel industry base, Anshan focuses on the construction of a high-standard mining industrial park and a high-quality modern steel industry system, which will not only increase local fiscal revenue and drive local employment, but also drive the coordinated development of upstream and downstream, promote the deep integration of industrial and innovation chains, and promote the high-quality development of local economy and society. Coordinated development among regions has reached a higher level. Editor/He Yuting


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