SANY SCC19800TM power assisted wind turbine diameter unit is hoisted

Seetao 2022-11-16 18:06
  • Shanghai Lingang New City Wind Farm Equal Capacity Unit Upgrading Project is located in the southeast of Pudong New Area, Shanghai
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On November 11, 2022, at the site of the upgrading and reconstruction project of units of equal capacity in Shanghai Lingang New City Wind Farm, one 8MW wind turbine generator unit was successfully installed, and Sany SCC19800TM was responsible for the main hoisting task.

Shanghai Lingang New City Wind Farm and other capacity units upgrading project is located in the southeast of Pudong New Area (the former Nanhui District) in Shanghai and the coastal area west of Donghai Bridge. The reconstruction project includes the removal of two 1.25MW wind turbine generator units (1 #, 2 #), one 3.6MW wind turbine generator unit (3 #) and one 2MW wind turbine generator unit (4 #) that have been put into operation, and the installation of one 8MW wind turbine generator unit in the original 3 # machine position.

Mr. Xie, the project leader of Shanghai First Construction Co., Ltd., the project undertaker, said: "The center height of the fan hub to be installed in the original 3 # aircraft stand is 125m, the diameter of the wind turbine is 230m, and the scavenging area is about 5.8 standard football fields. It is the largest wind turbine diameter unit that has been hoisted in the world."

To install such a big guy, we should not only consider the environmental factors on the site, but also the performance of the lifting equipment, which should not only be able to lift high, lift heavy, lift far, but also be very stable to ensure the smooth completion of the construction.

SCC19800TM is the main force in the thousand ton hoisting market, with a maximum lifting capacity of 1600 tons. The maximum lifting capacity of the 90m main boom at the 26m operating radius is 731 tons, which can fully meet the petrochemical lifting conditions. The maximum lifting capacity of the 126m main boom at the 26m operating radius is 394t, which can fully meet the offshore wind power conditions. The overhead hook of the super lift counterweight is suspended and rotated, and the offshore wind power hoisting efficiency can be increased by 20%.

Zhu Tao, the operator of Yangzhou Gangwan Heavy Lift Co., Ltd., said: "The installed fan room weighs 260 tons, a single tower weighs 240 tons, a total of four sections, and a single wind turbine weighs 40 tons. Because the site is located at the seaside, and it is very open, the wind is very strong, and the shaking will be relatively severe. The hoisting load adopts the super working condition of 156 meters with super lift double arms, and the stability is particularly good. Under the weather conditions of strong wind and fog, the hoisting task is also completed quickly and safely."

It is understood that under the annual average wind speed of 7.5m/s, the annual power generation of this fan can reach 28 million kilowatt hours, which can meet the annual power demand of 14500 households. It is equivalent to reducing coal consumption by nearly 10000 tons and carbon dioxide emissions by 24000 tons.

Now, the hoisting of 230 meter wind turbine once again leads the industry to leap forward. This is more than that. In the future, electric wind power will continue to break through itself, cooperate with the industrial chain, promote the development of the industry together, and promote the clean energy and the prosperity and development of the new energy ecology.Editor/Xing Wentao


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