Evergreen Energy to Create a Water Saving Benchmark

Seetao 2022-11-17 11:12
  • Evergreen Energy Chemical has achieved remarkable water saving effect, achieving 6.5 tons of water/ton of methanol
  • Evergreen Energy&Chemical Co., Ltd. selects the water-saving process technology, and the sewage treatment station has a treatment capacity of 200m ³/ h. The treatment capacity of the reuse water station is 500m ³/ h
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Over the years, Shaanxi Changqing Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd. has given full play to the leading role of a water-saving benchmarking enterprise, introduced and put into operation efficient and low consumption water-saving equipment, established a three-level management system for enterprise water use, and achieved remarkable water-saving results, achieving 6.5 tons of water/ton of methanol, far exceeding the average level of the same industry, and was rated as a water-saving benchmarking enterprise by Fengxiang District.

In order to implement the strictest water resource management, further improve the management level and water use efficiency of industrial enterprises, and accelerate the establishment of water-saving enterprises in high water consumption industries, the company adheres to the water-saving target management responsibility system, vigorously promotes technical innovation and measures, and continuously improves the water conservation management level of the company.

Improve the construction of water-saving system

The Company strictly implements personnel responsibilities, normalizes daily behaviors of employees and promotes water-saving projects by establishing water-saving enterprise management organization, work leading group, post responsibility system, facilities and equipment maintenance system, management responsibility system and other rules and regulations. Regularly organize special meetings on water saving optimization, broaden information exchange channels, build internal information exchange platforms, comprehensively deploy and coordinate the construction of water-saving enterprises of the Company, do a good job in water saving management system and annual water saving plan of the Company, supervise the implementation of water saving indicators, decomposition and quota management and assessment.

Establish a three-level water management system

The company implements a three-level management system for water use by departments, water supply devices and water using units. Through the establishment of water-saving management system standards, the working conditions of the water supply system are regularly checked, the use of water-saving technologies, new processes, new equipment and new materials is organized and promoted, the daily maintenance and management of water equipment is strengthened, the operation of water supply equipment, metering and pipe network is maintained, the damaged water supply pipe network and facilities are timely repaired, the valves are regularly checked and replaced, the long running water is eliminated, and zero leakage, leakage and waste are realized on the site.

Optimizing water-saving technology

Sewage Disposal. The treatment scale is 200m ³/ h. The production wastewater and domestic sewage of the whole plant shall be recycled and treated, and shall be sent to the reuse station after being qualified.

Recycle water station. The treatment scale is 500m ³/ h. The device collects the clean drainage of the whole plant and the effluent of the sewage treatment station, and the treated recycled water is reused as the make-up water of other devices.

Circulating water station. The industrial circulating water is repeatedly used for cooling. By adding corrosion and scale inhibitors and other agents, the concentration ratio is continuously increased by 3-7 times, reducing the circulating water discharge and fresh water supplement, so as to achieve the purpose of water saving.

Promote water-saving technical transformation

Drainage reconstruction of the reuse pool of the raw water station. In order to reduce the operation load of the reuse water station, the company uses integrated backwash water instead of domestic water as the plant greening water, which not only reduces the consumption of raw water, but also reduces the treatment cost of the reuse water.

Recycling and transformation of polluted rainwater. The company found that the quality of polluted rainwater is much better than that of low-pressure ash water of gasification unit through the analysis of the quality of polluted rainwater pool and low-pressure ash water of gasification unit. Therefore, the company recycled the polluted rainwater as the make-up water source of gasification low-pressure ash water system. After reconstruction, the external drainage can be reduced by about 25m ³/ h. At the same time, reduce the make-up water of raw water by about 25m ³/ h。

Strengthen the operation management of water-saving facilities and equipment maintenance. Reduce the direct discharge of condensate, improve the recovery and utilization of clean sewage, increase the treatment load of recycled water and increase the rate of recycled aquatic water by replacing the ultrafiltration membrane and reverse osmosis membrane of recycled water. Editor/Zhao E


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