The 14th China International New Energy Conference was held in Wuxi on the 16th

Seetao 2022-11-17 12:00
  • High participation of leading enterprises, many new products and technologies
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The 14th China International New Energy Conference and Exhibition, hosted by the China International Chamber of Commerce, the Jiangsu Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the Wuxi Municipal People's Government, will be held in Wuxi from November 16 to 19. China International New Energy Conference and Exhibition is known as the industry Davos. After years of cultivation, the conference has become an important platform for government enterprise communication, industry communication and science popularization. Compared with previous sessions, this year's New Energy Conference will highlight the following features.

The "exhibition" and "meeting" have been comprehensively upgraded and integrated into the industrial chain. With the theme of "focusing on dual carbon goals and leading green development", the conference will hold one closed door meeting, one opening ceremony, one exhibition, two forums and four ecosystem conferences. In terms of the meeting, activities such as the "Carbon Neutralization Action Closed Door Meeting", the "New Energy International Cooperation Forum", and the "Global Photovoltaic Industry Summit" will be held to discuss hot topics in the industry such as achieving the "Carbon Neutralization" goal, building a new power system, upgrading advanced photovoltaic technology, and promoting industrial and commercial energy storage and hydrogen production from renewable energy sources. The exhibition will focus on new products, technologies and applications such as solar photovoltaic, wind power, energy storage, hydrogen energy, new energy vehicles and charging piles. It is estimated that more than 500 enterprises will participate in the exhibition, covering an area of 20000 square meters.

The service industry developed and the conference achieved outstanding results. This conference will focus on accelerating the construction of the "465" modern industrial system, focusing on promoting the development of the new energy industry, actively carry out demand release and docking exchanges, hold a series of supporting activities, and build a comprehensive platform for project investment and product trade. At that time, nearly ten projects including the "Center for Comprehensive Treatment and Utilization of Urban Energy Environment" and the "National Green Energy Laboratory" were unveiled at the meeting; More than 10 major projects will be signed at the conference, and the total investment is expected to reach 20 billion yuan.

Focusing on carbon neutral practice, this conference will not only continue to hold a closed meeting on carbon neutral action to help cities promote carbon peak carbon neutral work, but also release the top ten carbon neutral demonstration typical cases in China by China Energy Research Association; On the basis of displaying new products and technologies in the fields of carbon reduction, zero carbon and negative carbon, an exhibition area of new energy industry development achievements will be set up to highlight Wuxi's achievements in carbon neutral action. In addition, the CREC Conference will again carry out the certification of "carbon neutral exhibition", becoming the only "carbon neutral exhibition" in the new energy industry that has been continuously certified by the authority. During the conference, the organizing committee will also organize three ecosphere conferences jointly with Jiangyin, Xishan, Xinwu and other places for the first time, namely, "Wind Power Ecosphere Conference", "Power Battery Ecosphere Conference", and "Hydrogen Energy Ecosphere Conference". Leading enterprises and chain owners in their respective fields will be invited to participate in the conference, release cooperation needs, organize project docking, and effectively help participating enterprises to achieve results.

In particular, in 2022, CREC's sub activities, the Global Photovoltaic Industry Summit and the New Energy International Cooperation Forum, will again be selected as supporting activities for the Expo, further expanding their influence. Famous enterprises such as French Electric Power, Total, Siemens, PricewaterhouseCoopers, etc., as well as institutions such as the Netherlands Hydrogen Energy Alliance, the Netherlands Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and the Spanish Consulate in Shanghai will attend the conference. Among them, Spain and the Netherlands will hold special sessions on solar photovoltaic and hydrogen energy respectively to release cooperation demand information. European Photovoltaic Association, German International Cooperation Agency, Thailand Photovoltaic Industry Association, IHS Markit and other foreign institutions will use the conference platform to introduce the development of overseas new energy market. During the conference, China Export and Credit Insurance Co., Ltd., the Export Import Bank of China and other units will jointly launch the establishment of the "going out" service alliance for the new energy industry. Vision Smart will also jointly build a carbon footprint public service platform with the National Solar PV Product Inspection and Testing Center, Wuxi New Energy Chamber of Commerce, etc.Editor/Xing Wentao