15 days, 266000 square meters, 45000 tons! hard! Battle!

Seetao 2022-11-20 15:17
  • In the future, more legends will be written for the future development of the road machinery industry of the motherland
  • During the runway construction of Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, XCMG's road machinery demonstrated its responsibility and responsibility as a national brand with its strength
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266000 square meters, 45000 tons, 15 day ultimate challenge! XCMG sets of asphalt pavement equipment go all out to write a new legend of Hongqiao Airport!

Writing a legend is bound to rise to the challenge!

Recently, the highly anticipated fifth round of asphalt overlay project of Shanghai Hongqiao Airport was successfully completed. After major repair, the service life of the east runway pavement of Hongqiao Airport, which has been "in service" for more than 100 years, will be further extended to ensure the stability and comfort of passengers when taking off, landing and taxiing.

In order to coordinate with this overhaul, Hongqiao Airport first adopted the construction scheme of taking off and landing at the west runway and closing the east runway without stopping flights. 266000 square meters of milling plus asphalt overlay and 45000 tons of asphalt mixture paving were successfully completed in just 15 days, 3 days ahead of the original plan!

Imagine that hundreds of construction workers and hundreds of equipment are busy working hundreds of meters away when the flights take off and land frequently on the west runway. Construction challenges are unprecedented. Legends are staged in the short 15 days. However, this legendary paper book is also branded with the figure of "Xugong Gold". The complete set of road machinery of XCMG, in this highly difficult construction, will face the difficulties and shoulder the heavy burden.

Cut through thorns to show responsibility!

The construction shall be carried out 24 hours without suspension, and the on-site personnel shall stick to it in shifts. The complete set of road machinery and equipment of XCMG is mainly responsible for the construction of the upper layer, with a paving thickness of 6.5cm. 10 XD133D double steel wheel rollers, 7 RP1253T pavers, and 1 RP1355T paver cut through the difficulties and joined the battlefield without hesitation, running out of the construction "acceleration"!

The project pavers include XCMG Star Model - RP1355T paver. Adopt a new generation of intelligent control, which is comfortable and convenient to operate; Powerful equipment. The material conveying channel is the widest at the same level, with the material conveying capacity increased by 30%, the speed increased by 16%, and the driving capacity increased by 40%. Even the airport runway and other difficult roads can be handled calmly.

The compaction work shall be handed over to XD133D double wheel roller. Independent crab design of the rear wheel makes the steering more flexible; 1100L super large capacity sprinkler tank, reduce water filling frequency, improve construction efficiency, help the team to ensure quality and quantity, and hand in perfect answers!

XCMG road machinery keeps pace with the times and constantly carries out technical innovation. In the construction of high-grade pavement, XCMG has broken through itself and shouldered the national responsibility of domestic road machinery step by step!

High efficiency and professional strength win awards!

Considering the high difficulty of construction, XCMG team also sent 37 backbones to join the war preparation team to win the trust of users with professionalism!

Before each construction operation, 3 well-trained senior service engineers of XCMG shall carefully inspect and commission each equipment and make adequate preparations; During the construction process, dozens of experienced XCMG machine operators worked hard in the "battlefield", and many technicians followed and guided throughout the process, enabling the double insurance mode to ensure the completion of the construction task.

Quotations of the construction party:

"In 15 days, we have completed the task, which is more than expected! I didn't expect XCMG's equipment to be so stable, able to work so fast and so well! With the professional support of XCMG's team, the construction efficiency and quality have been guaranteed, and the effect is absolutely excellent! Let's have more and more confidence in domestic road machinery!"

The runway construction of Shanghai Hongqiao Airport is another contribution to the construction of XCMG road machinery on black high-grade pavement. To highlight the responsibility and responsibility of XCMG as a national brand with its strength will surely write more legends for the future development of the road machinery industry of the motherland! Editor/Sang Xiaomei