Zoomlion's new energy series mixer truck has become a new hot selling potential

Seetao 2022-11-20 17:38
  • Zoomlion's new energy series mixer has become an ideal choice for more customers with low operating costs and high profit returns
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Since the beginning of the "Fourteenth Five Year Plan", the impact from all parties has had a huge impact on the construction industry. With the advantages of low consumption and environmental protection, the new energy mixer with mature technology has become a new favorite of the industry.

In recent years, Zoomlion has actively participated in the new energy mixer track, and achieved fruitful results. It has launched a variety of energy solutions such as rechargeable, integrated charging and changing, and hybrid to meet customer needs and lead the market with strong strength.

Economical and reliable, breaking the upper limit of benefits

Zoomlion, together with top power enterprises such as BYD and Ningde Times, has created a reliable and lasting green power scheme. The industry-leading electric power system, kinetic energy recovery technology and lightweight design of the whole vehicle effectively reduce the average energy consumption per kilometer, and the comprehensive energy consumption per kilometer is only 1.5 kilowatt hours; The diversified design of energy supplement mode can enable the equipment to complete the power change within 5 minutes and charge more than 80% within 1 hour, completely solving the customer's "endurance anxiety".

In the "Century Project" Sichuan Tibet Railway Project, Zoomlion new energy series agitators still perform well in the local extreme working conditions of high altitude, cold and high temperature difference and complex geological conditions, becoming an important guarantee for the steady progress of the project.

In addition, in the long-term operation, compared with similar fuel vehicles, the energy consumption is saved by more than 30%, but the peak power is 360kW and the peak torque is 2500N M (equivalent to 490 horsepower), which solves the emission problem and realizes cost reduction and efficiency increase. The unique characteristics of pure electric equipment, such as low noise, vibration and emission free odor, together with a smooth and comfortable driving experience, have also won a high reputation among drivers.

Intelligent addition to meet customer needs

In terms of hardware, Zoomlion's new energy series agitators are made of sophisticated materials. With the professional chassis customized and developed by Shaanxi Automobile, Jiefang, Dongfeng and other big brands, they are reliable in quality and do equally well in intelligent software. The Zhilian concrete vehicle platform is configured as a standard, realizing multiple control methods such as web terminal, WeChat applet, and large screen in the vehicle. It provides more than 70 data services such as equipment distribution, real-time statistics on commencement, and various monitoring functions such as height limit early warning, remote diagnosis, AI identification, etc.

Not only the vehicle status can be monitored in real time, but also the stirring, unloading, stopping and other actions of the mixing drum can be digitally and visually operated during transportation, and the constant speed rotation can be precisely controlled to ensure the homogeneity of concrete; There are control panels on the left and right backstage and in the cab, and the remote control is added to form a four point control. The operation is convenient and user-friendly.

With the improvement of efficiency brought about by the quality of fine workmanship and intelligent empowerment, Zoomlion's new energy series mixer has become the best choice for more customers with low operating costs and high profit returns. Editor/Sang Xiaomei