China Europe Express Keqiao, Zhejiang Shaoxing

Seetao 2022-11-21 15:41
  • After the opening of China Europe Express Keqiao, China's light textiles can be directly exported to foreign countries by railway
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On the morning of November 18, 2022, the first "Yixin Europe" China Europe train, "Keqiao", loaded with 50 containers and fabrics worth 4.5 million dollars, slowly drove out of Qianqing Freight Station of Xiaoyong Railway, transited through Jinhua South Station, and ran to Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan.

It is understood that the total investment of the sea rail intermodal transport project of Keqiao China Europe Express is about 220 million yuan, with a total land area of about 120 mu, mainly including the construction of railway ports, the construction of new roads along the river and the reconstruction of railway freight yards. Among them, the functions of the railway port block include the customs office building, inspection platform, cargo detention warehouse and loader yard. The newly built block along the river road is mainly used as the special short barge passage for automobile transportation between the railway port and Qianqing freight yard.

"Exported goods can be directly declared at Qianqing Freight Station, docked with Ningbo Zhoushan Port 'sea rail intermodal transport' to the east, or take the 'Yixin Europe' China Europe Train, and directly exported to countries along the the Belt and Road." Wu Xiaofeng, head of the Third Section of Shaoxing Customs Supervision, said.Editor/Ma Xue


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