Direct to Belarus, Xiamen, Fujian adds a new route for China Europe trains

Seetao 2022-11-22 14:59
  • The opening of the Belarus Russia line has added a new international logistics channel to Xiamen's global development
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On November 20, 2022, a China Europe (Xiamen) train loaded with goods slowly departed from Haicang Station in Xiamen Free Trade Zone and is expected to arrive in Minsk, Belarus, 16 days later. This is the first China Europe train from Xiamen to Minsk, Belarus.

It is understood that before the opening of the Belarusian line, most of the goods transported from Xiamen to Minsk left the country through the Alataw Pass after being sent from Xiamen, and then returned to Minsk, Belarus, from Poland by trailer after arriving in Poland. The transportation time is long and the operation cost is high. If you go by sea, it will take 30 to 45 days.

The person in charge of Xiamen International Train Co., Ltd. said, "Now that there is a direct train, the transportation time is saved by half, and it is expected to arrive in 15 to 17 days. The transportation efficiency is significantly improved, effectively enhancing the competitiveness of Xiamen's logistics region, and providing new momentum for expanding and strengthening the regional logistics industry and building a logistics center in the southeast coastal region."Editor/Ma Xue