12 Years of Three Gorges Power Station Construction in Laos

Seetao 2022-11-22 15:42
  • Nanli 1-2 Hydropower Station and other projects have especially improved the independent development level of Laos power industry
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China Three Gorges Corporation China Water Resources and Power Foreign Co., Ltd. has been developing in Laos for more than 20 years. It always respects the local customs, actively integrates, and conducts cultural exchanges on the basis of mutual communication and integration.

Chinese employees have worked and lived in Laos for 12 years and invested in the construction of Laos Nanli 1-2 Hydropower Station. The simple, sincere and warm feelings between Chinese enterprises and local employees, fishermen, and students of Mengfeng County aided primary school show.

In the past, the villages near Nanli River were all dirt roads. "The roads were muddy in the rainy season and it was difficult for cars to pass." Badi, a villager of Nanli Village, said that in order to facilitate the travel of local people, the Nanli Power Station Project helped build a 15 km long cement road and built a bridge of more than 100 meters on the Nanli River. "The road has been repaired, which not only facilitates the transportation, but also makes the village lively. Many villagers have built small wooden houses and opened small shops on the roadside, increasing their economic income.

"Before the hydropower station was put into operation, there was a shortage of electricity and the price of electricity was high, which led to the villagers being unable to use electricity. With the power station, the price of electricity was low, and everyone was very happy." Songsai, the head of Naxian Village, said that in order to ensure the safety of domestic water for local people, the hydropower station started the water diversion project and monitored the water quality, which greatly improved the water use of nearby villages. "With electricity and water, more people have a good life."

The power station actively builds school buildings for the local people to improve teaching conditions. After more than 10 years of maintenance and expansion, the aided Pagong School has been expanding its teaching scale. "The infrastructure of our school has been greatly improved, and it has become the best school nearby." Said Mu Kang, the principal of Pagong Middle School.Editor/Ma Xue