North Corporation launched a new 100 ton coal scuttle model TR100C

Seetao 2022-11-22 18:26
  • The service life of the new TR100C has been significantly improved, realizing 30000 hours of continuous operation
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In order to meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent, North China Co., Ltd. has developed a new 100 ton coal hopper type TR100C according to the characteristics of open-pit coal mines, specific transport conditions, material properties, haul mileage, cycle cycle of transport equipment, mine design capacity and other special requirements.

Professional and efficient coal hopper carriage configuration

The new version of TR100C coal hopper carriage makes rational use of chassis space for open-pit coal mine transportation. Through structural innovation, the effective loading capacity of the carriage reaches 78m ³, The hauling efficiency is 20% higher than that of traditional structure carriages. At the same time, it ensures efficient unloading. The large volume and lightweight truck body configuration ensures that the entire truck transportation efficiency is optimized. In addition, the service life has been significantly improved, realizing 30000 hours of continuous operation, and providing users with the lowest ton cost.

Dual mode parking air conditioner configuration

The new TR100C is equipped with a dual mode parking air conditioning system. The truck does not rely on the engine power input to drive the on-board air conditioner in the parking or parking standby phase, thus avoiding the engine idling caused by the air conditioner operation in this phase. Compared with traditional on-board air conditioners, a single truck can save 20000L of fuel consumption and 100000 yuan of operating cost each year.

Safe and comfortable driving environment

The new version of TR100C uses the latest designed cab, so the driver can get familiar with the operation faster. The new LCD instrument and 7-inch LCD display are arranged reasonably, integrating all vehicle operation data, control and guidance information, as well as NHL and other applications. The advanced cab pressurization system can maintain the positive pressure difference between the cab and the outside for a long time, reducing the dust intake by 80%. The new magnetorheological damping air suspension seat upgrades the passive damping of traditional seats to the variable semi-active damping form, fully absorbing the impact and vibration from the road surface, and greatly improving the driver's driving experience.

Intelligence drives productivity

The new version of TR100C also provides the most advanced networking function. Through the injection of digital and intelligent technology into the mining vehicle, the network of vehicles is realized, and the vehicle management is information-based, remote and dynamic. The user can master the vehicle information, vehicle working position and running track, fault prompt, running time, hauling volume and other information in real time, effectively improving the mine management ability.

The pre installed fully integrated driverless automatic transportation system can increase truck productivity by more than 20%. At present, more than 200 NHL automated trucks have been put into use, and more than 2 billion tons of materials have been safely transported. According to the statistics of various mines, compared with traditional manned mining vehicles, the fuel efficiency has been improved by 11% and the tire life has been extended by 35%. Some mining vehicles have realized continuous unmanned operation.Editor/Ma Xue