The Ministry of Foreign Affairs praised China's construction

Seetao 2022-11-23 10:21
  • Zhao Lijian said: China's foreign investment and project contracting spread to more than 190 countries and regions
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On November 21, 2022, the 2022 Top 50 Global Construction Machinery Summit was held in Shanghai. During the summit, the organizing committee of the summit, together with China Construction Machinery magazine, released the list of "Top 50 2022 Global Construction Machinery Manufacturers", with 12 Chinese manufacturers on the list.

Zhao Lijian: I like the outstanding performance of Chinese enterprises. Recently, the Lussel Stadium, the main venue of the Qatar World Cup, which was designed and built by Chinese enterprises, was put into use, attracting attention from all parties. According to media reports, Russell Stadium is the most advanced, largest and most complex professional football stadium in the world. It is also the first World Cup stadium project undertaken by a Chinese enterprise as a general contractor of design and construction. In addition, "Made in China" also participated in the construction of World Cup water security and photovoltaic power projects, contributing China's strength to global shared sports events.

Looking at the world, China's foreign investment and project contracting are spread across more than 190 countries and regions, which has effectively promoted local economic and social development and is widely welcomed by the people of all countries. I believe that "Made in China" and "Built in China" will bring more tangible benefits to the people of all countries.Editor/Ma Xue