16 MW ultra large capacity offshore wind turbine units are offline in Fujian

Seetao 2022-11-23 15:06
  • This offline unit has made an important technological breakthrough in the R&D and manufacturing of key core components
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On November 23, 2022, the 16 MW offshore wind turbine independently developed by China was launched in Fujian Three Gorges Offshore Wind Power International Industrial Park. The unit capacity is 16 MW offshore wind turbine, the impeller diameter is 252 meters, the impeller sweeping area is about 50000 square meters, which is about the size of seven standard football fields; The hub is 146 meters high, equivalent to the height of a 50 storey building. This is the wind turbine with the largest single unit capacity, the largest impeller diameter and the lightest weight per megawatt in the world, marking an important breakthrough in the manufacturing capacity of high-end equipment for China's offshore wind power high-capacity units, reaching the international leading level.

Under rated conditions, a 16 megawatt offshore wind turbine can generate 34.2 kilowatt hours of clean electricity per revolution of a single unit, with an average annual output of more than 66 million kilowatt hours.Editor/Ma Xue