China is about to attend three Saudi summits

Seetao 2022-11-23 15:37
  • Middle East countries began to attach importance to and aspire to strengthen cooperation with China in an all-round way
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In December 2022, the three summits hosted by Saudi Arabia have also entered the countdown stage. It can be seen from careful observation that the scale of this series of summits is getting bigger and bigger, while the topic is always inseparable from China.

It is reported that Saudi Arabia has released information. The first event is the China Saudi Summit, the next is the China GCC Summit, and the third is the China Arab Summit. At that time, in addition to further expanding the bilateral economy, how to cooperate with China on regional security issues will also be an important part of the three summits.

At the China Arab Summit in December 2022, countries in the Middle East, represented by Iraq, will actively communicate with China on the topic of regional security, which is just a prelude to cooperation between the Middle East and China in the field of security.Editor/Ma Xue