Sichuan Chengdu Smart Media City project started

Seetao 2022-11-24 15:16
  • The project covers an area of about 63 mu and is scheduled to be put into operation in 2025
  • After completion, it will become a new landmark for Chengdu to build a world cultural city
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On November 24, 2022, the 2022 China Intelligent Media 50 Forum and Chengdu Summit was held under the guidance of the Publicity Department of Chengdu Municipal Committee and hosted by Chengdu Media Group. Top celebrities, experts and scholars from the domestic intelligent media field discussed and clashed in Chengdu. On the morning of the day, according to the decision and plan of "the fourth quarter of decisive battle and the 100th day of Great work" of Chengdu City, The Chengdu Smart Media City project with a total investment of about 2.4 billion yuan by Chengdu Media Group has officially started construction.

Against four world-class media cities

At the site of Chengdu Smart Media City project, large machinery and equipment are neatly arranged and ready to go. With the announcement of the start of construction, the site of the roar of machinery, iron arms waving, the construction of the project officially started.

Chengdu Smart Media City project is located at Pucaotang Station of Metro Line 6, Xinchuan Science Park, Chengdu High-tech Zone, covering an area of about 63 mu, with a planned total construction area of about 270,000 square meters and a total investment of about 2.4 billion yuan. It has been listed in the key project database of the Cultural and Industrial Affairs Office of the Propaganda Department of the CPC and the provincial and Municipal Development and Reform Commission. The project is scheduled to be operational by 2025. At present, the project has attracted more than 80 partners, including Xinhua News Agency and Huawei, to build a smart media industry ecology, and is expected to contribute a new landmark to the construction of Chengdu as a world cultural city.

Chengdu Smart Media City adheres to the world vision, high leadership and core values. In the early stage, the project proposal is open to the world, attracting dozens of well-known international and domestic professional institutions including Kaeda Global, Hong Kong Expansion, Britain Arup, Italy Boeri, Australia LAB, Tongji and so on. Adhering to the five design principles of "landmark, functionality, synergy, economy and security" and "industrial ecological logic, spatial organization logic and commercial development logic, the architectural scheme of Chengdu Smart Media City breaks the traditional concept of physical space and innovates multiple integrated space carriers of smart media.

Focus on industrial construction circle strong chain and smart Chengdu construction

As the main front of news and public opinion in Chengdu and the main engine of cultural and creative industry, Chengdu Media Group has dozens of media units and cultural and creative enterprises, with more than 300 million users of mainstream media and an asset scale of 16.5 billion yuan. Its comprehensive communication influence and overall economic strength have steadily ranked the first square matrix of similar media groups in China for many years, providing solid support for the construction and operation of Chengdu Smart Media City project.

It's also a smart city. As a cell of "Smart City", Chengdu Smart Media City will interpret the value of "good governance" and "benefit the people" through the combination of digital technology and scenario-based requirements. By introducing intelligent management systems such as Huawei, Tencent and, and using advanced technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things, we can accurately perceive object properties and accurately detect user behaviors. Through interconnection and centralized control and management among systems, we can integrate systems, processes and communication capabilities to build a digital operation platform for intelligent management. Pay attention to the core demands of all stakeholders, accurately match the needs of enterprises in the park, help to improve operation efficiency, reduce operation costs, improve asset value, and achieve comprehensive perception, comprehensive interconnection and comprehensive wisdom of operation management.

It is also a cultural and creative city. Focus on building a circle and a strong chain of industries. As the main engine and force of Chengdu's cultural and creative industry, Chengdu Smart Media City will focus on the construction of digital cultural and creative industry ecosystem and help build a circle and a strong chain of Chengdu's cultural and creative industry. The international influence, radiation and gathering power of Tianfu culture will be utilized to empower the cultural and creative industry and contribute media power to the construction of Chengdu as a world cultural city. The project insists on investment promotion and operation first, design and construction synchronization. Chengdu Smart Media City has attracted more than 80 head institutions such as Phoenix TV, China Digital Library, Huawei, People's esports, Himalaya, Rongyi Education, Hezong Culture and so on to reach strategic cooperation.

It is a city of the future. Based on making new urban areas better and stronger, focusing on strengthening innovation-driven high-end leading ability and platform function traction, Chengdu Smart Media City will leverage the development of the area with projects, and form a future urban practice position with intensive and efficient production space, livable and appropriate living space, and beautiful ecological space.

We will promote the deeply integrated development of the media

It is understood that Chengdu Smart Media City project will be constructed in two phases, and will form an industrial function layout of "one core and three platforms". That is: The planning, collection, editing, review, distribution, monitoring, evaluation and other processes of media communication are based on content production, supported by 5G, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technologies, and centered on the construction of Chengdu Media Group Smart Media Convergence Center. At the same time, an intelligent technology leading platform should be built around the industrial form, an industrial integration support platform should be built around the industrial demand, and a smart management service platform should be built around the industrial population.

In fact, Chengdu Smart Media City project has been written into the "14th Five-Year Plan" for the Development of Digital Cultural and Creative Industries in Chengdu. This project is the main carrier of in-depth media integration development and cultural and creative industry ecological construction of Chengdu Media Group, bearing the major mission of the transformation and upgrading of the whole Chengdu Media Group, but also the initiative of Chengdu Media Group to fulfill the media mission, reflect the responsibility of state-owned enterprises and serve the development strategy of the city.

"In recent years, following the law of iterative evolution of media, Chengdu Media Group has accelerated the shaping of a new benchmark of media, built the main engine of cultural and creative culture, comprehensively improved the modern communication ability, and accelerated the construction of a new mainstream media group and intelligent media group based on China to influence the world." The chief officer of Chengdu Media Group said that Chengdu Media Group earnestly implemented the major plans of the 14th Party Congress of Chengdu concerning the construction of a world cultural city and a new urban area with excellence and strength, and accelerated the construction of three cultural and creative projects: "Chengdu Smart Media City", "Every Economic Center" and "Bailu Bay Digital New Economy Science and Innovation Park". The construction of Chengdu Smart Media City project will help Xinchuan Science Park to form a development highland of the whole media industry, a gravitational field of digital cultural and creative economy and a new center of urban vitality, and start a new journey of high-quality development of Chengdu Media Group.

Industry insiders said that Chengdu Smart Media City is an important practice for Chengdu to explore a new scene of "smart City". It will help build an open and collaborative cultural industry layout in the park city demonstration area, integrate industrial development resources and various cultural formats, and form a productivity value-added pattern of "1+1>2". Editor/He Yuting