Sun Cable establishes inter island power grid connection project for Indonesia

Seetao 2022-11-24 15:28
  • Sun Cable plans to develop the world's largest intercontinental solar energy and energy storage project
  • Signed an agreement with the Indonesian government, which can release more than 115 billion dollars of renewable energy power generation and transmission business
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Sun Cable, a renewable energy developer, will work with Indonesia to formulate inter island grid connection policies and technical plans, so that the government can maximize the growth of green industries in a country composed of more than 17500 islands.

The cooperation was officially confirmed at the G-20 Summit held in Bali. David Griffin, CEO of Sun Cable, signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of Indonesia. The agreement will see them push ahead with their technical plan for grid connection in the Islands. The transaction between Sun Cable and ESDM will include studying key potential areas of renewable power generation, defining available resources, identifying key energy intensive locations and industries, and then developing plans to unlock these opportunities.

The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of Indonesia, Alifin Tasrif, said that connecting the islands through the submarine transmission corridor and matching the renewable energy potential with the industrial demand center play a key role in enabling the country to unleash its green industry opportunities. Energy infrastructure is very important for connecting large energy production centers with high energy consumption centers. Indonesia plans to establish a super grid to overcome the geographical mismatch between renewable resources and high demand areas in the country and ensure a stable and safe system.

The preliminary results of a joint study conducted by Sun Cable and ESDM identified five key green industries, which are likely to support green growth and will increase Indonesia's GDP by an estimated 170 billion Australian dollars by 2035. The five industries are mining and mineral processing, energy and fuel, transport manufacturing, food processing and agriculture, and IT infrastructure. The study emphasized Indonesia's access to key mineral resources and the strategic position of ASEAN's growth center, and said that the country has the best renewable energy resources in Asia and many core capabilities to become a green industry power.

ESDM said that the release of Indonesia's green economy potential will require the rapid acceleration of the new generation, and the renewable energy capacity required to meet the zero carbon demand will increase by 25 times. The agreement with Sun Cable is seeking to develop a giant Asian PowerLink. The agreement will export solar energy from Australia inland to Singapore through the submarine transmission link in Indonesian waters, placing grid interconnection at the center of Indonesia's policy agenda. Griffin said that the next step will focus on the evaluation of specific transmission corridors and the required investment, and the joint study will be completed in early 2023. We hope to share Sun Cable's expertise in solar power generation and long-distance transmission with Indonesia, because it has formulated policies and technical methods for inter island connectivity.

The project includes up to 20 GW of solar energy and 42 GW of energy storage. It will be built on 12000 hectares of land in Buckley, Northern Territory. It will supply power to Darwin and Singapore through 4500 kilometers of high-voltage DC transmission network, including 750 kilometers of overhead transmission lines from the solar power plant to Darwin and 3800 kilometers of high-voltage DC submarine cables from Darwin to Singapore. The project is expected to start construction in 2024, supply power to Darwin for the first time in 2027, and achieve capacity by the end of 2029.Editor/Xing Wentao


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