[Jingyuan County, Ningxia: installed PV capacity of 1.8 million kW by 2025] On November 23, the Development and Reform Bureau of Jingyuan County released the 14th Five-Year energy development plan for Jingyuan County. According to the plan, the construction of centralized photovoltaic power stations will be accelerated, and the installed scale of solar photovoltaic power generation in the county will strive to reach 1.8 million kW by 2025. Editor/Xu Shengpeng
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  • 2023.01.31 15:24
  • [China Railway No. 1268 rolled off the assembly line at Nanchang Base]
  • Recently, China Railway No. 1268, the world's first hard rock mud-water balance jacking and shielding machine, was successfully rolled off the production line at China Railway Equipment Nanchang Base. Small diameter, long distance, curve jacking and other special requirements. Editor/He Yuting
  • 2023.01.31 15:23
  • [The second phase of Lagos light rail blue line in Nigeria was signed]
  • Recently, Sanvoglu, the governor of Lagos, Nigeria, and Chen Sichang, the general manager of China Civil Engineering, signed a contract for the second phase of the Lagos Light Rail Blue Line. The second phase of the line is about 14 kilometers long, with two-track track laying, 6 new stations, and a design speed of 100 kilometers per hour. /Hour. Editor/He Yuting