Completion and delivery of Class F 50 MW heavy gas turbine

Seetao 2022-11-28 11:21
  • Class F 50 MW heavy gas turbine can reduce carbon emissions by more than 500000 tons a year
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On November 25, 2022, in the gas turbine assembly workshop of DEC steam turbine, an enterprise affiliated to DEC, the first Class F 50 MW heavy gas turbine with completely independent intellectual property rights in China will be officially shipped, and will soon enter the engineering application stage, marking a breakthrough from 0 to 1 in the field of independent heavy gas turbines in China.

Heavy gas turbine is the core equipment in the field of power generation and drive, known as the pearl in the crown of equipment manufacturing industry, a symbol of a country's scientific and technological level and comprehensive national strength, and a key equipment for developed countries to implement strict technical blockade.

Key core technologies

A complete and reliable aerodynamic design, structural design and reliability evaluation system for Class F gas turbine has been established.

It overcame the difficult problems in the manufacture of burners and precision casting of turbine blades, which are the high-temperature components of Class F gas turbines.

The first batch of domestic compressor, burner, turbine, rotor dynamic balance and other component level test platforms and complete machine test platforms have been built.

The test verification system has been established, and all verification tests of Class F 50 MW gas turbine have been completed.

The Class F 50 MW heavy-duty gas turbine is composed of more than 20000 parts. Its working pressure is 18 atmospheres, equivalent to the water pressure at a depth of 180 meters from the seabed, and its working temperature exceeds 1300 ℃. Under such high temperature and high pressure conditions, it is necessary to rotate at a high speed of 6000 rpm, and the linear speed is twice that of a large passenger aircraft.Edit/Ma Xue


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