First car debut! China plans to promote local manufacturing of metro in Mexico

Seetao 2022-11-28 17:32
  • The maximum train operation speed of the project is 80 km/h
  • The project will not only provide convenient travel for Mexican citizens, but also effectively improve the overall level of rail transit in Mexico
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Recently, the first locally manufactured train of Mexico City Metro Line 1 came off the line in Cretaro. This is another milestone achievement of CRRC's first overseas "system+" project.

On November 24 local time, Guillermo Calderon, director of the Mexico City Metro Bureau, released the overall modernization project of Mexico City Metro Line 1, and fully affirmed the progress and quality of CRRC in this project.

The train design of this project is very Mexican, with a strong shape and bright colors. The train is composed of nine cars (six motor cars and three trailers), with a maximum operating speed of 80 km/h, a length of 150.9 meters, a width of 2.52 meters, and a maximum passenger capacity of 2252 people. It can meet the climbing capacity of 8% and the curve radius passing capacity of 45 meters.

The bogie of the train adopts the structure of large rubber wheel running and small rubber wheel guiding, which can effectively reduce the noise generated in the operation process and adapt to the local terrain conditions in Mexico. At the same time, the vehicle is equipped with steel wheels as safety wheels, which can ensure safe operation in extreme cases and achieve "double safety".

In December 2020, CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. and CRRC Hong Kong Co., Ltd. won the bid for the overall modernization project of Mexico City Metro Line 1. According to the contract requirements, 27 new cars need to be manufactured locally in Mexico.

Mexico Rail Transit Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2021 and built a localized new car manufacturing and assembly plant in Cretalo. At present, more than 150 local jobs have been created, a large number of local workers will be employed, and more than 70 local suppliers have been developed, effectively promoting the development and upgrading of the local rail transit equipment industry.

At present, Mexico Rail Transit Equipment Co., Ltd. has signed employment cooperation agreements with local colleges and universities such as Valley University, Crataro Aviation University and Mondragon University, laying a solid foundation for cooperation among local colleges and universities in industry, education and research.

The person in charge of Mexico Rail Transit Equipment Co., Ltd. said that the overall modernization project of Mexico City Metro Line 1 has received high attention and strong support from CRRC, the local government of Mexico, the Chinese Embassy in Mexico and other parties.

2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Mexico. CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. responds to and implements the the Belt and Road Initiative with practical actions, adheres to the concept of "five basics", "four roles" and "three zero three good", and is committed to working with all partners to build a benchmark for cooperation in the field of China Mexico rail transit, and promote China's rail transit equipment to better serve local people. Editor/He Yuting