Extending a Red Humanistic High Speed Railway on the Loess Plateau

Seetao 2022-11-29 09:34
  • The whole line is 300 km, with 10 passenger stations, and the construction period is 4 and a half years
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The construction site of the new Yan'an Tunnel of the West Extension (Xi'an Yan'an) High speed Railway is buzzing with machinery. "This control project along the whole line, a tunnel with a length of 16km, will be completed soon." On November 24, Liu Wentao, chief designer of the West Extension High Speed Railway, told reporters.

The west extension high-speed railway, which was designed and surveyed by China Railway Construction First Research Institute, is slowly extending from Guanzhong to northern Shaanxi along the backbone of Shaanxi territory. The whole length of the West Extension High speed Railway is 300 kilometers, which is led out from Xi'an East Railway Station. There are 10 passenger stations, including Gaoling, Fuping South, Tongchuan, Tongchuan North, Yijun, Huangling West, Luochuan, Fuxian North, Ganquan North and Yan'an. The construction period is 4 and a half years.

The West Extension High speed Railway connects Xi'an, the ancient capital of the Thirteen Dynasties, Fuping, a patriotic education base, Zhaojin, a red tourist attraction, the Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor, the site of the Luochuan Conference, and Yan'an, the holy land of the Chinese revolution. It is a high-speed railway with strong red revolution and humanity.

In order to highlight the red and cultural characteristics of the West Extension High Speed Railway, the design team fully followed the concept of "station location, geological location, environmental protection and engineering location" in line selection, systematically optimized and comprehensively compared to ensure that the location of the line station is reasonable, the project is safe and reliable, and the line project is integrated with the surrounding environment.

"With the pen of scientific and technological innovation, describe the dream of a powerful transportation country" is the voice of all participants in the construction of the West Extension High Speed Railway.

In view of the characteristics of large route selection range and densely distributed loess landslides, the "big scene" 3D remote sensing and digital orthophoto graphic interpretation technology is first used in China. "This is a survey technology independently developed by CREEC, which can efficiently find out the distribution range, scale and nature of various loess landslides, so as to summarize and analyze their cause mechanism, development law and development potential, and provide a reliable basis for project route selection and project setup." Zhang Zhe, head of geology, said.

Wangjiahe Bridge of West Extension High speed Railway is the bridge with the largest span and the highest height of the same type of bridge structure among ballastless track bridges of high-speed railway in China. The main bridge adopts the "124+248+124m" continuous rigid frame plus arch composite system, and the bridge pier is up to 95m high. "Through high-precision sensors, signal analysis and processing technology and digital twin technology, an efficient bridge structure health monitoring and condition assessment system is designed." Qian Feng, head of bridge and culvert discipline, said.

The loess hilly and gully region in northern Shaanxi is characterized by undulating terrain, deep valleys and complex geology. There are five tunnels more than 10 kilometers along the whole line. "Collapsible loess has loose structure and poor self stability, which is a worldwide design and construction problem. Northern Shaanxi can be called the 'Geological Museum of Loess Area'." Xu Zhiping, the head of the tunnel discipline of the West Extension High speed Railway, said that the project has carried out a number of scientific research projects, such as the combination of intelligent mechanized implementation management and control platform and BIM, innovation in the design of soft surrounding rock tunnels, and improvement in the manufacturing level of intelligent construction equipment for high-speed railway tunnels, which has promoted the upgrading of mechanized, information-based, and intelligent construction technologies for soft surrounding rock tunnels.

Due to geographical and geomorphic reasons, the height difference between the cities along the west extension is huge, especially between Yijun, Huangling and Luochuan, with a height difference of 300-400 meters, which brings great difficulties to the selection of the station site. "We adhere to the people-oriented concept, take advantage of the large gradient of the high-speed railway, and partially adopt the 30 ‰ gradient method to overcome the 100 meter height difference between the gully and the ridge, and closely combine with the urban planning to set up a station as close to the urban area as possible. Through the" setting up of stations in counties and counties ", we have successfully realized the function of the high-speed rail corridor extending west to give consideration to the intercity railway, further improving the economic and social benefits of high-speed rail construction." Liu Wentao said.

"The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that we should speed up the construction of a transportation power. Just after the end of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the General Secretary led the members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China to Yan'an, which sent a clear signal to further promote the 'Yan'an Spirit' and greatly encouraged the builders of the West Extension High Speed Railway. We will escort the construction of this' Red High Speed Railway 'with first-class technology." Liu Wentao, who is designing and inspecting the new Yan'an Tunnel, said.

Not long ago, after more than two years of research and adjustment, the preliminary design of Xi'an Tongchuan Section of the West Extension High Speed Railway was officially approved. The plan fully considers the integration planning of Fuping and Yanliang, and the line station plan is more consistent with the urban planning, which greatly facilitates the travel of people in Fuping and Yanliang areas.

After the West Extension High speed Railway is completed and put into operation, the running time from Xi'an to Yan'an will be shortened to about 1 hour. Editor/He Yuting