Yichang section of Hubei Xiangfan Yichang Expressway officially commenced

Seetao 2022-11-30 15:07
  • The total length of the project is 88.559 km, the design speed is 100 km/h, and the total construction period is 48 months
  • After completion, it will promote the development of the two metropolitan areas of Yijingjing and Xiangyang
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Following the news from Xiangyang section of Xiangyang Yichang Expressway, the commencement of Yichang section of Xiangyang Yichang Expressway in Hubei was held on November 29, 2022.

Yichang Section of Xiangfan Yichang Expressway

The project starts from Hekou Township, Yuan'an County, Hubei Province, connecting Xiangyang Section of Xiangyang Yichang Expressway. The route runs southward through Hekou Township, Maopingchang Town, Mingfeng Town, and Hualinsi Town. It intersects with G59 Hubei Expressway in Yuquan Street, Dangyang City, crosses with G42 Shanghai Chengdu Expressway southward, and connects the planned Huaxi Road to Wujiagang Yangtze River Bridge, with a total length of 88.559 kilometers. The project is constructed according to the standard of 100km/h expressway. Six interchanges will be set up, and one management and maintenance service center, one maintenance work area, one service area and one parking area will be constructed simultaneously, as well as traffic safety facilities along the line. The project investment is estimated to be about 16.28 billion yuan, and the construction period is 48 months.

Yichang Section of Xiangyang Yichang Expressway is the southern section of Pingdingshan Yichang Expressway, which has been included in the Fourteenth Five Year Plan for Comprehensive Transportation Development in Hubei Province, the Fourteenth Five Year Plan for Expressway Development in Hubei Province, and the provincial key construction plan of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission in 2022.

After the construction of Yichang Section of Xiangfan Yichang Expressway, it is of great significance to realize the high-speed direct access to Yichang and Xiangyang, two non provincial capital leading cities, to facilitate the hand in hand between the Han River and the Yangtze River, the connection between the Central Plains and the Three Gorges, and to serve and support Hubei to accelerate the construction of a national pilot area for building a new development pattern.Editor/He Yuting