China Russia East Line Natural Gas Project Yangtze River Shield Tunnel Crossing
Seetao 2022-12-03 16:48
  • At the same time, the shield project is the shield project with the highest water pressure at present
  • The successful completion of the Yangtze River shield tunnel will create necessary conditions for the completion of the entire China Russia East Line
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On December 3, 2022, the Yangtze River Shield Crossing Project, a key control project of the China Russia East Gas Pipeline, successfully crossed the Yangtze River after 28 months, and the tunnel was fully completed.

The China Russia East Line natural gas pipeline crosses the Yangtze River in the form of shield tunnel, with a total length of 10.226 km. Three natural gas pipelines with a diameter of 1422 mm are designed to be laid in the tunnel, which is the shield tunnel with the longest one-way shield tunneling distance in the oil and gas field in the world. The top elevation of the tunnel at the lowest point of the project is - 60.2m, and the maximum overburden thickness is 42.5m, which are the maximum design burial depth of the oil and gas pipeline shield; The shield construction water pressure is 0.73 MPa, which is the highest shield construction water pressure at present.

The shield tunnel crossing point of the Yangtze River is located at the estuary of the Yangtze River, crossing the first class channel, anchorage, Yangtze River levee and other structures of the Yangtze River, and adjacent to the existing and planned wharfs of Haixin Heavy Industry and China Merchants Heavy Industry; This area is also a conservation area for aquatic germplasm resources of Coilia coilia in the Yangtze River, which puts forward higher requirements for construction technology and methods. The constructors of the project have made every effort to protect the ecological environment of the wetlands on both banks and the Yangtze River waters by adopting environmental protection measures such as slurry balance shield and sealed ship transportation of waste slag. Keywords: engineering project, natural gas, infrastructure

The Yangtze River Crossing Project belongs to the China Russia East Gas Pipeline. After the completion of the southern section of the China Russia East Line, it will be interconnected with the first and second lines of the West East Gas Pipeline. The shield tunnel across the Yangtze River has been fully completed, creating the necessary conditions for the early completion of the China Russia East Line.Editor/XuNing


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