Ukraine says reconstruction needs one trillion yuan

Seetao 2022-12-06 11:07
  • It is not easy to rebuild Ukraine. Every time Zerensky mentions reconstruction, the amount of money is increasing
  • From $600-800 billion in August, it has risen to more than one trillion
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Ukrainian President Zelensky opened his mouth with a lion, saying that the reconstruction cost of Ukraine would exceed one trillion dollars, and let the West "sponsor" by name.

Dare to open such a big mouth, it seems that Zerensky has now fully understood what Ukraine means to the West. Ukraine is a chess piece pushed to the forefront by the United States, and a "shield" in front of Europe. Ukraine has been responsible for "giving people their help", so the West must give money!

The countries named by Zelensky include the United States, Britain, France, Germany and other 21 countries. Even Japan and Australia, which are far away in the Asia Pacific region, have been included in the list of countries interested in sponsoring Ukraine by Zelensky.

Now, because of the war in Ukraine, it is difficult to guarantee the basic power consumption of ordinary people. Nuclear power plants are shut down at any time, thermal power generation is also good and bad, and many urban infrastructures are damaged. It is really not easy to rebuild. However, every time Zerensky mentions the amount of reconstruction, he said that it needs 500 billion dollars in May.

In August, it said that it would cost $600-800 billion, and now it has risen to more than one trillion. In fact, it is not difficult to understand that the longer the war lasts, the greater the loss. The special military operation has not ended, which means that the outcome is uncertain. Russia will certainly not pay for Ukraine. The EU is under great pressure.

What should the EU do if it can't afford to pay? European Commission President Von Delain thought of a way to invest the frozen Russian assets of 300 billion euros into a fund, and then the proceeds generated will be used to rebuild Ukraine after the war.

In fact, Zelensky has mentioned a similar approach before, but Zelensky meant to directly take the frozen Russian assets to Ukraine, but Russia responded strongly, saying that this was international theft! The EU did not dare to act rashly. Now Von Delain's idea of "making money" with Russian money seems ingenious, but it also makes Russia furious.

"Europe has come up with a new way to steal Russian assets," said the Russian "Viewpoint". Zaharova, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, said that if the European Union did so, Russia would certainly take measures to counter it at its own risk!

As for the form and strength of counter-measures, Zhaharova did not say clearly, but Russian economist Lubich gave a direction, that is, to freeze European assets in Russia. For example, the accounts of European companies that only sell business and leave Russia have about 300 billion rubles.

If the EU really implements the plan and invests the frozen Russian assets into funds, I'm afraid that these European enterprises will scold their national governments and let their employees march in the streets every day. The idea that Ukraine wants to make money from Russia may still be difficult to realize. It can only continue to put the economic pressure back on Europe and the United States, and let them find a way. Ukraine's sponsorship system will always be open to the West. Editor/Xu Shengpeng