Saudi Chinese fever is heating up again

Seetao 2022-12-09 10:50
  • Recently, the Chinese President sent a letter to Saudi language learners encouraging Saudi youth to learn Chinese well
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Since Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman visited China in 2019, Saudi Arabia has included Chinese language education in all educational stages of the country. At present, there are 4 universities and hundreds of primary schools in Saudi Arabia offering Chinese courses.

Nowadays, more and more Saudi schools and social institutions are teaching Chinese. The education departments, universities and relevant institutions of the two countries are also actively cooperating in the compilation of teaching syllabuses and textbooks, teacher-student exchanges and other aspects. In January 2020, 8 middle schools in Riyadh, Eastern and Mecca provinces in Saudi Arabia started teaching Chinese. In 2022, the Ministry of Education of Saudi Arabia plans to add Chinese courses in 746 schools, and the "Chinese craze" continues to heat up in Saudi Arabia.

Saleh Sagri, the former cultural counselor of the Saudi Embassy in China, said: "Civilized exchanges begin with language. Many Chinese schools have opened Arabic majors, and Saudi Arabia has incorporated Chinese into its national education system. The young people of the two countries can learn each other's language well, so that all exchanges and cooperation can be more smoothly promoted, the public opinion base of both sides will be more solid, and the Saudi Chinese cooperation in various fields will continue to develop."Editor/Ma Xue