The 11th China Intellectual Property Annual Conference opens online

Seetao 2022-12-09 11:53
  • Goldwind adheres to technological innovation and is guided by the Group's technological strategic planning
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Recently, the 11th China Intellectual Property Annual Conference opened online. The theme of the conference was to implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and accelerate the construction of an intellectual property power. It attracted international and regional organizations such as the World Intellectual Property Organization, governments, Representatives of intellectual property service agencies, universities, scientific research institutes, and business circles gathered on the cloud to discuss the integration and development of intellectual property and economy, society, technology, culture, trade, and foreign relations under the background of the new era. Zhai Endi, chief engineer of Goldwind Technology Group, was invited to deliver a speech and participate in high-end dialogues at the main forum of "Starting a New Journey, Development and Future of Intellectual Property".

Zhai Endi shared the layout and practice of Goldwind Technology in the field of intellectual property with the theme of intellectual property rights, empowering the development of the wind power industry, and introduced the 1+2+3 intellectual property strategic model with Goldwind characteristics, that is, "creating competition and cooperation The platform, with technological innovation roadmap and balanced decision-making model as input, realizes the trinity combination of technology, market and intellectual property.

Over the years, Goldwind has been adhering to technological innovation, guided by the group's technological strategic planning, and has continuously improved the construction of the intellectual property management system, formulated relevant systems and procedures for intellectual property management, and escorted domestic and overseas businesses. The company won the "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise", "Beijing Intellectual Property Demonstration Unit", and won the "China Patent Excellence Award" for two consecutive years. Goldwind's intellectual property protection work has the following characteristics: First, the scope of patent layout is wide. Wind power is an interdisciplinary industry. Goldwind has made a lot of deployments in key/core technologies such as control, generators, machinery/structures, and blades, which fully reflects Goldwind's deep cultivation of core technologies and its determination to break through technical barriers; The second is to focus on core areas. Goldwind has been deeply involved in the wind power field for decades, and has continuously optimized its core technologies. Since 2001, patent applications for wind turbine optimization have accounted for more than 40% of the total annual applications. Third, in line with the trend of digital transformation, the number of patent applications fluctuates in the software and data fields rise. With the rapid development of digitalization, Goldwind continues to promote digital transformation, and patent applications in the software and data fields account for as high as 43.7% from 2019 to 2021.

In addition, Zhai Endi, Vice President of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Fan Zhiyong, Chief Engineer and Director of Intellectual Property of Zhongtian Technology Group Xie Shuhong, Director of Sino-European Innovation Policy and Legal Research Center of Tongji University and Professor of Shanghai International Intellectual Property Academy Shan Xiaoguang discussed intellectual property and high-tech Topics such as quality development, intellectual property exploration and experience in open cooperation among enterprises were discussed.

As an important way to carry and stimulate innovation, intellectual property has become a strategic resource for national development and a core element of international competitiveness. The current market competition in the wind power industry is fierce, and the "price war" is intensifying. Facing the trend of "low prices", achieving high-quality development is facing huge challenges. Intellectual property protection is the key to promoting high-quality development. By establishing a friendly and healthy intellectual property protection environment, we can discover and introduce innovative technologies, share innovative results, and jointly promote high-quality development of the wind power industry.

In 2022, the "Urumqi City Wind Power Industry Patent Navigation Project" led by Urumqi Market Supervision Administration and undertaken by Goldwind will be successfully launched. The project starts with the analysis of the current situation of the industry and sorts out the problems faced by the innovation and development of the industry. By analyzing the macro situation of the industrial patent layout, based on the correlation between the industrial chain and the patent layout, and based on the patent control force, predict the direction of wind power industry structural adjustment, key technology development direction and market demand hotspot direction, and point out the direction for industrial development , to provide decision-making reference for government departments to formulate industrial development plans, major economic and technological projects, and attract investment.

As a witness and witness to the development of the wind power industry, Goldwind pays attention to cooperative development and open innovation. It has successively established 8 major R&D centers and bases around the world, bringing together innovative talents and resources at home and abroad, and successfully realized the development from the initial introduction of foreign technology research. The role of the follower to the leader who independently develops the core technology has changed. At present, high-efficiency innovation and potential risks coexist in open cooperation, and intellectual property is a powerful weapon for the core competitiveness of enterprises. Goldwind insists on rationally formulating intellectual property management strategies in open cooperation to achieve win-win results and contribute to creating a good innovation environment .Editor/Xing Wentao