TEDA Cooperation Zone adds impetus to the Belt and Road Initiative
Seetao 2022-12-12 09:45
  • The TEDA Cooperation Zone was called a model of China-Egypt economic and trade cooperation by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi
  • TEDA Cooperation Zone is an accelerator for local development
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From the production of new building materials, high and low voltage equipment, petroleum equipment to the construction of investment service buildings, star hotels and living and entertainment facilities, in recent years, the functions and supporting facilities of the China-Egypt TEDA Suez Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone have become more and more perfect, becoming China and The platform for Egyptian enterprises to invest and cooperate will add impetus to the joint construction of the Belt and Road cooperation between the two countries.

TEDA Cooperation Zone

Founded in 2008, the TEDA Cooperation Zone is located in Sukhna Spring Port, Suez Province, Egypt, more than 120 kilometers away from the capital Cairo. The cooperation area is divided into an initial area and an expansion area. The initial area covers an area of 1.34 square kilometers and has been fully developed. The 6-square-kilometer expansion zone was inaugurated in January 2016 and is operated by the Egyptian TEDA Special Zone Development Company.

Song Caicen, executive director of the Egyptian TEDA Special Zone Development Company, said that the current start-up area is operating well, and four leading industries have initially formed new building materials, petroleum equipment, high and low voltage equipment, and machinery manufacturing. Each industry is driven by leading enterprises, and economic benefits continue to grow. All kinds of supporting facilities in the extension area are in good operation, the investment attraction momentum is strong, and the industrial clusters are booming.

Xidian-EGEMAC High Voltage Electric Co., Ltd., a Sino-Egyptian joint venture, is one of the leading enterprises in the park. It is mainly based in Egypt and provides power transmission and transformation equipment and complete engineering services for the Middle East and African markets. The company has realized localized production, which has promoted local employment and talent training. The reporter recently saw in the company's equipment manufacturing workshop that the entire production process of the 220kV power transformer, such as coil winding, core stacking, body assembly, final assembly, and factory testing, was completed by Egyptian employees.

Shi Chen, general manager of the company, said: "Our products are delivered on time and with high quality, and the customer satisfaction is very high." In recent years, the company has created a positive corporate culture, accelerated and deepened the integration of localization, and effectively enhanced the friendship between employees of the two countries.

China Jushi Egypt Fiberglass Co., Ltd., also known as Jushi Egypt, is one of the enterprises that settled in the TEDA Cooperation Zone earlier. It is reported that the company has built three large-scale glass fiber production lines, and there is still one production line under construction. After it is put into operation at the end of 2022, the total annual output will reach 360,000 tons.

Wu Ping, general manager of the company, pointed out that the development of the company has driven the development of upstream mineral raw materials and packaging materials in Egypt. At present, 95% of raw materials are purchased in Egypt. After years of development, the company's total assets have doubled, directly creating about 2,000 jobs, of which Egyptian employees accounted for 98%, and many Egyptian employees have grown into technical backbones and management personnel.

Ahmed Suleiman joined Jushi Egypt in 2012 as an ordinary craftsman in the winding workshop. He worked hard and worked hard to learn professional skills, and has now been promoted to the deputy general manager of the company. "I was fortunate enough to receive a nine-month training at the headquarters of the Chinese company, which gave me the opportunity to bring my knowledge and experience back to Egypt and make full use of it." Suleiman said that the company also often invites experienced Chinese technicians to Egypt Technical and management teams conduct training to help improve the management model.

In the TEDA Cooperation Zone, there are many other enterprises such as XD-EGEMAC and Jushi Egypt. Song Caicen said that up to now, the TEDA Cooperation Zone has attracted more than 130 enterprises to settle in, which has not only promoted the development of local technology and industrial upgrading, but also promoted the cultivation of local talents and the people-to-people bonds between China and Egypt, injecting strong momentum into the cooperation between the two countries to jointly build the Belt and Road. power. Editor/He Yuting


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