Promote friendship and build a China-Arab community with a shared future

Seetao 2022-12-14 17:59
  • The friendship between China and Afghanistan has a long history, and the two sides got to know each other on the ancient Silk Road
  • China-Arab relations have become a model for strategic cooperation between countries with different regions, cultures and types
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On December 11, 2022, Ambassador to Kuwait Zhang Jianwei published a signed article "Promote Traditional Friendship and Build a China-Arab Community with a Shared Future in the New Era", introducing the significance of the China-Arab Summit and the China-Kuwait Summit.

Carry forward traditional friendship

Building a China-Arab Community with a Shared Future in the New Era

Pearls are bright and clean, and exotic animals are expensive and gentle. In the day to secure the people's business, in the evening to gather market merchants. Jingrong is full of crops, and Wufu is fragrant with grass and trees. This is more than 600 years ago, when Fei Xin, an official of the Chinese Ming Dynasty, arrived in Mecca, Saudi Arabia with the navigator Zheng He, he described the local rich scene. In the early winter of 2022, Chinese President Xi Jinping will come to this beautiful land again at the invitation of King Salman of Saudi Arabia to attend the first China-Arabia Summit and the China-Ghailand Summit and pay a state visit to Saudi Arabia to discuss China-Arabia and China-Ghailand cooperation plans.

This is a grand event that carries forward the past and ushers in a new chapter. The first China-Arab Summit is China's largest and highest-level diplomatic action towards the Arab world since the founding of the People's Republic of China. It is an epoch-making milestone in the history of China-Arab relations. The friendship between China and Afghanistan has a long history. The two sides have known each other on the ancient Silk Road, shared weal and woe in the struggle for national liberation, helped each other in the fight against the new crown epidemic, and shared morality in the process of world multipolarization. At this summit, President Xi Jinping summed up and refined the core spirit of China-Arab friendship formed by the millennium friendship, drew a blueprint for China-Arab friendship and cooperation, pointed out the direction for building a China-Arab community with a shared future for the new era, and also contributed to regional and world peace, stability, and development. Prosperity infused confidence. The GCC is one of the most dynamic regional organizations in the world. For a long time, the relationship between China and the GCC countries has maintained healthy and stable development, and cooperation in various fields has a wide range, depth and fruitful results. The first China-GCC summit is the first time that leaders of China and the GCC countries have gathered together, effectively deepening the tradition of China-GCC friendship and enriching the strategic connotation of China-GCC relations.

This is a grand meeting to build consensus and deepen political mutual trust between China and Arab states. Peaceful cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win results have always been the main theme of China-Arab historical exchanges. Entering the 21st century, China-Arab relations have forged ahead amidst the vicissitudes of the international situation, and the breadth and depth of political mutual trust, economic mutual benefit, and mutual learning between civilizations have achieved historic leaps. China and Arab countries are both important members of developing countries and important political forces on the international stage. They face similar historical tasks and challenges. The two sides need to strengthen mutual trust, overcome difficulties and move forward hand in hand more than ever. President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech at this summit, focusing on carrying forward the spirit of China-Arab friendship and jointly building a China-Arab community with a shared future for the new era. Strategic consensus on major issues such as dialogue between civilizations and civilizations. The world today is undergoing major changes unseen in a century. China is willing to continue to hold high the banner of non-interference in internal affairs with Arab countries, firmly support each other in safeguarding sovereignty and territorial integrity, and jointly safeguard international fairness and justice; continue to work together to implement global development initiatives and global security initiatives. Inject more stability into troubled areas and add more positive energy to the cause of peace and development; continue to jointly promote the common values of peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy, and freedom for all mankind, and promote mutual understanding and friendship among the people, and jointly build a beautiful and shared world Hundred Gardens of Civilization.

This is a grand event to expand cooperation and set a benchmark for unity and development. Based on the principle of win-win cooperation, China will continue to build high-quality Belt and Road cooperation with Arab countries, connect the development strategies of both sides, give full play to their respective advantages and potentials, expand practical cooperation in various fields, achieve common progress and development, and let the cooperation results benefit both sides more people. At this summit, President Xi Jinping proposed four major paths for building a China-Arab community with a shared future. In the future, China will work with the Arab side to promote the "eight major joint actions", namely, support for development, food security, health, green innovation, energy security, and dialogue among civilizations Practical cooperation measures in eight areas, including , youth development, security and stability, have taken solid steps towards building a China-Arab community with a shared future. In the past 10 years, the relations between China and the GCC have flourished and yielded fruitful results. China remains the largest trading partner of the GCC and the largest exporter of petrochemical products. President Xi Jinping explained how to establish the China-GCC strategic partnership from the four aspects of unity, development, security, and civilization, and proposed that China and the GCC countries will carry out key cooperation in the five major fields of energy, finance, innovative technology, aerospace, and language and culture. Be pragmatic and earnest, deepen the integration of interests between China and the sea, endow the cooperation between China and the sea with deeper connotations, and achieve higher quality and deeper mutual benefit and win-win results.

During the summit, President Xi Jinping held the first meeting with Kuwaiti Emir and Crown Prince Mishaal, which will be recorded in the history of China-Kuwait exchanges. President Xi Jinping emphasized that China supports Kuwait in implementing the 2035 national vision, and is willing to strengthen the docking of the development strategies of the two countries, actively participate in the construction of major projects in Kuwait, tap the cooperation potential in new energy, 5G communications, digital economy and other fields, and support cultural exchanges and cooperation. China is willing to continue to be Kuwait's reliable partner and work together with Kuwait to jointly create a better future for China-Kuwait relations. Crown Prince Mishaal said that the Kuwait side abides by the one-China principle and is willing to work together with China to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields and open up new prospects for the strategic relationship between the two countries.

The Arabs say that friendship is a tree with loyalty as its root and goodwill as its branches. The relationship between China and Arab states has become stronger over time, and the two civilizations complement each other from a distance, writing a historical story of the integration of East and West and mutual learning. Facing the future, China will continue to deepen exchanges and mutual learning between civilizations with Arab countries, and work together to build a China-Arab community with a shared future for the new era; take the opportunity of establishing and strengthening the China-GCC strategic partnership to consolidate traditional friendship and share development opportunities with the GCC countries, Create a better future together. Editor/He Yuting