XCMG Mining Machinery's approach to green mine transformation

Seetao 2022-12-16 15:57
  • The green and intelligentization of the mining machinery industry has become a new track for development
  • A large number of mining equipment companies are reshaping the new pattern of the mining machinery industry in the fierce battle with global competitors, helping the green development of global mines
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XCMG Mining Machinery will operate independently in the second half of 2018 and focus on mining machinery. Today, however, he has grown into the only large-scale open-pit complete mining equipment company in China and one of the top five in the world. How did XCMG Mining Machinery achieve such a gorgeous turn in the four-year rapid development cycle from a single-soldier battle to a leading industry position in a complete set? What role does the greening and digitization of mining machinery play in the mining process?

XCMG mining machine XDR80TE is under construction in overseas mining areas

At present, the concept of green and sustainable development is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and under the global strategy of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, it is rapidly extending to industry and manufacturing. Among them, the mining industry is transforming to smart mines and zero-carbon mines. Domestic mining equipment companies such as XCMG, Shantui, and Liugong have become leaders in green development.

At the beginning of 2022, XCMG released the first dual-carbon planning outline of China's construction machinery industry to the world - "XCMG Carbon Peak Carbon Neutrality Action Plan", fully demonstrating XCMG's determination to develop green, digital, and intelligent. XCMG Mining Machinery, which came from the fission of XCMG's business, naturally took the lead in increasing its layout and handed over a high-quality answer sheet.

Energy conversion is the first shot fired by XCMG mining machinery. Greener and more environmentally friendly clean energy technologies have been successfully developed and applied, and electrified and purely electrified mining machinery has emerged as the times require. XDR80TE pure electric three-axle rigid mine car is the world's first pure electric product that adopts the advantages of rigid dump truck technology. It uses high-density lithium iron phosphate battery with a power of up to 525/700kwh. It has strong battery life and reliable operation performance. And the durable product life hits the nail on the nail on the head of the pain points that have long plagued users in the mining industry. In May 2022, the XDR80TE pure electric mining truck entered the South American market, bringing XCMG's electrification solutions to mainstream mines around the world.

XDR80TE pure electric mining truck will be sent to South America

National IV not only means environmental protection, but also the improvement of product performance. In the face of the full switch of the National IV standard, as early as July 2022, XCMG Mining Machinery's mining machinery products were the first to appear, including equipment for the entire field of open-pit mine construction such as mining, mining vehicles, and crushing and screening. Taking XE700GA, XE800GA, XE950GA and other three National IV mining products as examples, XCMG Mining Machinery’s new National IV products have not only upgraded the post-processing integration, but also greatly upgraded the fuel saving and efficiency that customers are particularly concerned about. Compared with similar products in the industry, the operation efficiency of XCMG Mining Machinery's National IV mines has been increased by 5%-10%, and the fuel consumption of the whole machine has been reduced by 4%-12%.

In addition to deeply embracing the green transformation of mines, focusing on pain points such as efficiency, safety and cost in the field of mining vehicles, XCMG Mining Machinery is also committed to the research and development of more advanced and safe mining machinery and equipment. At the end of November 2022, XCMG Mining Machinery's XDR90T three-axle rigid mine truck will compete in overseas mines. The equipment fully combines traditional rigid heavy-duty mine trucks with the mature power transmission system of domestic wide-body dump trucks, and successfully finds a balance between reliability and price This undoubtedly sets a technical benchmark for the next generation of economical mining vehicles.

XCMG mining machine XDR90T three-axle rigid mine car

Whether it is the transformation of intelligent and electrified products, or the upgrading of the safety and stability of mining machinery and equipment, they all promote the high-quality development of mines in different dimensions, and then help the whole society to achieve a balance between ecology and civilization. In recent years, XCMG Mining Machinery, which has frequently exerted efforts here, is declaring its determination to high-quality transformation of the mine with outstanding achievements.

Facing the road of green transformation in mines, mining equipment companies represented by XCMG Mining Machinery have an attitude in mind and actively implement them, launching more energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe and efficient products, embracing the construction of green mines, and helping the high-quality development of the global mining industry. Editor/He Yuting