Successful impoundment of Songduo Reservoir in Qinghai Province

Seetao 2022-12-19 15:16
  • Songduo Reservoir is a river blocking reservoir
  • Songduo Reservoir can regulate and store water supply of 49.75 million m3
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At 10:30 a.m. on December 17, 2022, under the command of Lv Qiang, the chief engineer of Qinghai Provincial Department of Water Resources, the bulkhead gate of the diversion tunnel was slowly closed. Songduo Reservoir, the 172 major national water conservancy projects undertaken by Qinghai Provincial Bureau of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Co., Ltd. after five years of hard work, the second phase of Huangshui North Trunk Canal Poverty Alleviation Irrigation Project in Qinghai Province, was officially impounded, marking that the reservoir successfully achieved its construction goals, The project will be transferred to the operation and management stage, laying a solid foundation for the overall completion of the "Water Diversion to Huangshan" project and giving full play to the comprehensive benefits. Shi Baofeng, Head of the Construction Management Office of Qinghai Provincial Department of Water Resources, Cao Liangtai, Director of Haidong Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, Zhang Weifeng, Director of the Construction and Operation Bureau of Sichuan Yinda Jihuang, Huzhu County Party Committee and Government and other relevant leaders attended the water impounding ceremony and witnessed this historic moment. Bai Chengzhong, Chairman of the Company, delivered a speech on behalf of the participating units at the ceremony.

Songduo Reservoir is located in Shangshuigou watershed of Huzhu County, Haidong City. It is a river blocking regulation and storage reservoir, belonging to Class IV small (1) project. The dam is a loam core rockfill dam with a maximum dam height of 69.7m and a total storage capacity of 7.895 million m3. In October 2017, the Songduo Reservoir Project was commenced; River closure will be realized in May 2018; The dam capping will be completed in November 2020; On July 7, 2021, it passed the water storage safety appraisal. As a control project of the second phase of the main canal from Dajiang River to Huangbei River, Songduo Reservoir can regulate and store water supply of 49.75 million m3, ensure industrial and domestic water supply in Ledu District, provide drinking water, irrigation water supply and ecological base flow in the lower reaches of the reservoir, which plays an important role in alleviating the increasingly serious contradiction between water supply and demand in the Huangshui River basin, improving the ecological environment in the Huangshui River basin, and supporting regional economic and social development.

Zhang Weifeng, the director of the Provincial Construction and Operation Bureau of Water Diversion from Dajiang to Huanghe, made a speech, in which he fully affirmed and highly praised the company's achievements in quality, safety, construction period, ecological protection, and the application of scientific and technological achievements. He warmly congratulated the Songduo Reservoir on its successful completion of water storage on schedule, and expressed sincere condolences to all the construction personnel who worked hard day and night on the construction front line and made great efforts for the project construction.

Bai Chengzhong, the chairman of the board of directors, said in his speech that since the construction of the project, the company has always adhered to the service concept of integrity and compliance, conscientiously performed the contract agreement, closely followed each rebar binding, each warehouse of concrete pouring, each hole of foundation grouting, and each layer of dam filling. Through unremitting efforts, the construction technical problems encountered in the construction process, such as the rare complex geological conditions of the dam foundation in the province, and the special uneven quality of the main impervious soil of the dam, have been solved; It has prevented and resolved the major risk that the weathering and fragmentation of dam abutments on both banks with a height of more than 100 meters and the cross interference of highway realignment have always threatened the stability and safety of slopes; The complex site management of the county and township road crossing project site has been comprehensively solved to ensure both construction and safety; The Employer, the Designer and the Supervisor have been actively contacted for many times to demonstrate the scheme in the General Institute of Water Resources Planning, and many senior domestic experts have been invited to the site to solve special technical problems in a timely manner. The majority of project construction personnel do not forget their original intention, overcome difficulties, work hard, and strengthen management. With excellent management experience and advanced construction technology, they carefully organize and reasonably arrange, and finally achieve a major victory in the impoundment of the sluice gate, ensure that the project gives full play to its due benefits, and promote the local economic and social development and the production and life of the people.

Songduo Reservoir successfully completed the impoundment, which is a milestone for the project construction. Next, the company will complete the follow-up construction tasks such as the plugging of the diversion tunnel as soon as possible, strive to do a good job in various inspections during the impounding period, cooperate with the technical services, and make the enterprise's due responsibility and contribution to the high-quality development of water conservancy in Qinghai Province.

Jia Qinghe, Executive Deputy General Manager of the Company, Zhang Jianjun, Director of the Third Branch, and more than 60 participants in the construction, supervision, design, quality inspection and construction of Songduo Reservoir Project attended the impoundment ceremony. Editor/Zhao E