Arab youth are bound up with Chinese culture

Seetao 2022-12-26 14:37
  • Nowadays, more and more Arab youth have forged an indissoluble bond with China and Chinese culture by learning Chinese
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For a long time, the two major civilizations of China and Arabia have been shining together on both sides of the Asian continent, and have written stories about the blending of East and West, mutual learning and mutual help.

"For me, promoting closer cooperation between China and Afghanistan means that there will be more opportunities in the future." Mahdi Ahmed, a 30-year-old Egyptian youth, participated in this art festival, and he is full of confidence in his future.

Mahdi said that he expects China Arab cooperation to continue to upgrade and expand, and he will also stay in China to "look for more opportunities". Shiyu said that in recent years, students from Arab countries are very interested in China's development in science and technology research and development, humanities and arts, and "I want to become a bridge between China and Arab countries."Editor/Ma Xue