5 localized employees of China Power Construction won the award

Seetao 2023-01-06 17:57
  • The five Pakistani employees awarded by PowerChina played a key role in each stage
  • At the same time, it also provides experience and models for the localization construction of PowerChina in Pakistan and makes contributions
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Recently, the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan held the 2022 China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Project Outstanding Pakistani Staff Award Ceremony. Iqbal, the Chinese ambassador to Pakistan, Minister of Agriculture and Finance, and Minister of Planning and Development of Pakistan, attended the event and delivered a speech, presenting awards to 34 outstanding Pakistani employee representatives. Among them, Abbas Mjid, the public relations manager from the Pakistan representative office, Mohammad Salim Munchi, the chief financial officer of Dawo Wind Power Co., Ltd., Tabi Sati, the property manager of the Basha project camp, Five Pakistani employees of PowerChina, including Pirzada Zain Ull Abidin, manager of the operation and maintenance department of the Pakistani subsidiary of the East China Institute, were awarded as outstanding Pakistani employees.

Ambassador Nong Rong said that in the past year, China-Pakistan cooperation has been comprehensively deepened, and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has made extraordinary achievements, which cannot be separated from the joint efforts of the employees of China and Pakistan. For all those who are interested in contributing to China-Pakistan cooperation, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will always be a broad stage to showcase their talents and realize their personal value.

Minister Iqbal reviewed the contribution made by the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to the economic and social development of Pakistan in the past nine years. He said that the excellent employees of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor symbolize the friendship between the people of Pakistan and China, and represent the future development opportunities of Pakistan. Editor/He Yuting