Chinese train running in Lahore

Seetao 2023-01-11 10:05
  • The project train is fully compatible with the local railway in Pakistan and is expected to start operation in the next few weeks
  • The Minister of Railways of Pakistan praised the Chinese passenger cars as very comfortable and beautiful, and was very satisfied with the quality and performance of the vehicles
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At the beginning of January 2023, at the railway station in Lahore, the capital of Punjab Province in eastern Pakistan, a train composed of wide-gauge passenger cars imported from China stopped at the platform. The technicians from China and Pakistan boarded the train and checked the setting parameters of the compartment control room to prepare for the trial operation of the passenger train in the near future.

It is reported that the maximum design speed of passenger cars exported from this project is 160 kilometers per hour. According to the agreement between China and Pakistan, the remaining 184 passenger cars to be exported will be transported to Pakistan in the form of spare parts and raw materials. The Chinese technicians will be responsible for teaching the Pakistani personnel to complete the technical output of the production and assembly of passenger cars in Pakistan.Editor/Ma Xue