XCMG transmission technology open day loading machinery dealer activities ended

Seetao 2023-01-11 11:19
  • This event showcased XCMG Transmission's intelligent manufacturing strength and innovative R&D momentum
  • In the future, XCMG Transmission will continue to contribute to the development of the construction machinery industry with intellectual strength
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Recently, the XCMG transmission factory area was crowded with people. Its technology open day and loading machinery dealer reception event attracted hundreds of loading machinery dealers and industry media people from all over the country. The charm of innovation and "intelligent manufacturing", and the warm atmosphere sweep away the dullness and depression brought about by the repeated epidemics.

The theme of this event is "Intelligent Manufacturing of New Kinetic Energy Synergy to the Future". Through the combination of "online live broadcast and offline conference", through the demonstration of the complete set of transmission system for non-road China IV era loader equipment, It further demonstrates to the industry the intelligent manufacturing strength and innovative R&D momentum accumulated by XCMG Transmission after eight years of development.

Thousands of people share the same screen to enjoy the grand scene of smart creation

Online, more than 100,000 people followed the live broadcast to watch XCMG Transmission's new National IV supporting box bridge up close. The complete transmission system of XCMG Transmission that appeared this time is a brand-new National IV transmission product matrix represented by MYF210/MYF230A/MYF310A automatic transmission, DA1210C front axle/DA2210C rear axle products, and provides XCMG with a high-quality National IV main engine. It not only demonstrates the strong backing of the transmission system, but also demonstrates the innovative and enterprising gene contained in the blood of XCMG Transmission as a national-level "specialized, special and new" small giant enterprise.

On-site complete set of China IV loader transmission products

To be able to create hard-core products, strong "smart" manufacturing capabilities are naturally indispensable. Then the intelligent production workshop of XCMG Transmission, which appeared on the scene, feasted the eyes of all the netizens in the live broadcast room. The 13 sets of flexible processing lines, automatic processing units, and digital heat treatment process production lines that were unveiled one after another were dizzying. According to a special person, the overall digitization rate of XCMG transmission manufacturing equipment has reached over 95%, and it also has high-precision gear manufacturing capabilities, high-precision box processing capabilities, and heat treatment processing capabilities, which demonstrates XCMG transmission's commitment to intelligent transformation and digital transformation in recent years The achievements have laid a solid hardware foundation for forging high-end products with "leading technology and indestructible".

The guests visited the intelligent production workshop

Unite as one, narrate a new chapter of service

At the beginning of the offline meeting, Lu Chang, deputy general manager and deputy secretary of the Party Committee of XCMG Transmission, delivered an opening speech on the stage, detailing the unremitting struggle of XCMG Transmission since it set sail in 2014. Up to now, it has achieved the industry leader in product category and technical level, and its production capacity has been comprehensively counted. At the same time, he expressed his heartfelt thanks to the guests, and hoped that the supporting box bridge solution created by XCMG Transmission for the new country IV loader can be recognized by dealer partners, so that more customers can enjoy the technology endowed by XCMG Transmission. Product value enhancement that can be brought about.

Lu Chang, Deputy General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of XCMG Transmission

Then, Lu Chang and the guests jointly launched the 350,000th loader transmission product of XCMG Transmission, started the warm winter action, and released the notice of XCMG Loading Machinery Transmission System Maintenance Skills Competition, allowing all audiences to witness XCMG Transmission's 2023 around the core The comprehensive upgrade of products and full life cycle services also opens the door for dealers and customers to get familiar with the supporting gearboxes and drive axles of China IV loaders more quickly, and to get started with maintenance services.

XCMG transmission warm winter service action officially launched

It was disclosed in the "Warm Winter Action" launched at the meeting that in the future, XCMG Transmission will shoot and produce training videos for high-end products such as XCMG MYF series electronically controlled gearboxes, and improve the quality of life through distance education and training and the establishment of a service community to answer questions online. The technical strength of the dealer service team; at the same time, together with the main engine and the dealer service team, a series of activities such as "spare parts first service worry-free" are regularly carried out offline, and together with the main engine and the dealer service team, a complete and efficient after-market service fund is established. Brand, helping customers succeed in their careers while eliminating worries.

Ingenuity casts heavy equipment, and wisdom builds towards the future! XCMG transmission has never forgotten the ideal original intention of serving the country through industry, and has made unremitting efforts in the past eight years to change the "stuck" state of China's hydraulic transmission core components. In the future, XCMG Transmission will go one step further, continue to sail with innovation in the high-end international transmission market, continue to contribute "hard core strength" to the value enhancement of China's construction machinery, and intend to show the world the "intelligent manufacturing in China" Majestic and powerful! Editor/He Yuting