XCMG tower crane helps build world-class bridge

Seetao 2023-01-11 11:27
  • At the project construction site, XCMG XGT6515-10S and XGT600-25S tower cranes are operating in an orderly manner
  • XCMG tower crane has high technology content, high reliability and high added value, and will continue to provide complete solutions for global engineering construction in the future
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Recently, the new bridge of the Jinan Yellow River Bridge, located in the north of Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, is under construction. The main bridge has a span of 488 meters, which is far more than the bridge crossing the Yellow River under construction and will set a new world record.

The newly-built Yellow River Bridge is about 2.5 kilometers long, and is built in parallel with the old bridge. It is a highway and rail layered bridge. The upper layer is a two-way eight-lane highway, and the lower layer is a double-track rail transit. This is the cable-stayed bridge with the largest span and the longest total length of steel bridge under construction in the Yellow River basin. It is also the first unequal span bridge construction project on the Yellow River. The total steel consumption of the project is 70000 tons.

Tower crane performance

XCMG XGT6515-10S tower crane is equipped with multiple standard sections to meet different needs and adapt to various construction conditions such as humidity and strong wind;

XCMG XGT600-25S tower crane is the main model of large steel structure engineering, with high lifting performance, strong lifting capacity and strong performance in lifting large structural parts.Editor/Ma Xue