CREC1268 was successfully offline at CREC Nanchang Base

Seetao 2023-01-12 09:39
  • CREC1268 will be applied to the Taohualing Tunnel Section of the raw water pipeline project of Changsha Leifeng Water Plant
  • CREC1268 adopts super-hard rock composite cutter head design, with excavation diameter of 3680mm
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On January 11, 2023, China Railway 1268, the world's first hard rock slurry water balance shield machine jointly developed by Changsha Water Industry, China Construction Fifth Bureau, Anhui Hiking and CREC, was successfully launched at the Nanchang Base of China Railway Equipment.

The equipment innovation adopts the design concept of pipe jacking+shield, which can effectively meet the special requirements of trenchless, small diameter, long distance and curve jacking in the construction of urban underground pipe network, and is of great significance to improve the mechanized construction of urban underground pipe network.

The CREC1268 hard rock slurry water balance shield jacking machine, which was launched this time, integrates the equipment and technical advantages of pipe jacking machine and shield machine. The equipment excavation diameter is 3.68 meters, and will be applied to key livelihood projects in Changsha. After the completion of the project, it has important strategic significance to ensure the water supply safety in Hexi urban area of Changsha.

CREC1268 hard rock slurry water balance shield jacking machine

The successful offline of CREC1268 roof shield machine provides a new solution for the development of underground space. This construction method can be widely used in the construction of urban drainage, power, gas and other underground pipe networks in the later stage, and better serve the construction goals of sponge cities, urban renewal and transformation in China in the future.Editor/Ma Xue