President of Serbia comments on projects undertaken by Chinese companies
Seetao 2023-01-12 17:17
  • The total length of the New Belgrade-Sulcin highway is about 7.9 kilometers
  • After completion, it will greatly relieve the traffic pressure in the central city
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On January 11, 2023, the New Belgrade-Sulcin Expressway project undertaken by a Chinese company was highly praised by Serbian President Vučić in the capital, saying that the construction of this infrastructure project has changed the old look of Serbia. On the same day, Vucic inspected the construction site of the New Belgrade-Sulchin Highway Project together with Serbia's Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Vesic, and Chinese Ambassador to Serbia Chen Bo.

Vucic pointed out at the inspection site that the New Belgrade-Sulcin Expressway is an important traffic artery connecting Belgrade and the Grand Duke Milos Expressway, which is of great significance to facilitating people's travel and improving Belgrade's air quality.

On January 11, Serbian President Vučić (middle) made a speech when inspecting the construction site of the New Belgrade-Sulcin highway project in Belgrade, the capital

Vucic expressed his gratitude to the builders of Serbia and China for their efforts. He said that the construction of highways and other infrastructure projects has changed the face of Serbia. He thanked China for its cooperation and looked forward to more achievements in the new year.

Chen Bo said that in the new year, infrastructure construction will still be the focus of China-Serbia cooperation. Chinese companies have full confidence in the Serbian market, and believe that the two sides will have more opportunities for cooperation in other fields.

The New Belgrade-Sulcin Expressway was constructed by China Communications Construction Group Co., Ltd., with a total length of about 7.9 kilometers and is currently nearing completion. Editor/He Yuting


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