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  • Weichai ranks second among the top 100 enterprises in China's machinery industry in 2022
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Take "Weichai Seven Questions" as the topic to explore the success of Weichai Group. According to reports, the key to doing business lies in one word, and the greatest truth is to have no distractions. Today's Weichai ranks second among the top 100 companies in China's machinery industry in 2022, and has topped the list of China's top 100 auto parts companies for six consecutive years. The strong Weichai heart beats everywhere, injecting surging power into the Chinese economy.

A gentleman should focus on the foundation, and the foundation is established and the Tao is born. For an enterprise to be evergreen, it is fundamental to become bigger, stronger, better at its main business, and possess core competitiveness. All successful enterprises must rely on focusing on the main business if they want to climb to the top of their career. On March 8, 2018, when General Secretary Xi Jinping participated in the deliberation of the Shandong delegation at the First Session of the Thirteenth National People's Congress, he affirmed the development of Weichai and placed high hopes on the reform and development of state-owned enterprises.

Keep in mind the entrustment, and Weichai will prosper. The key to doing business lies in one word, and the greatest truth is to have no distractions. Today's Weichai ranks second among the top 100 companies in China's machinery industry in 2022, and has topped the list of China's top 100 auto parts companies for six consecutive years. A strong Weichai heart beats everywhere, injecting surging power into the Chinese economy, and also arousing people's thinking about Weichai's success.

Whether state-owned enterprises are capable, whether state-owned enterprises are good, and whether state-owned enterprises are doing well, Weichai’s report card from being on the verge of bankruptcy to growing into a state-owned enterprise of more than 300 billion yuan has given answers to a series of questions surrounding the reform and development of state-owned enterprises.

What is the hard core of the enterprise?

In the final analysis, the competition of enterprises is the competition of products and characters. At the Hannover International Commercial Vehicles and Parts Exhibition held in Germany, Weichai, with a diesel engine with a thermal efficiency of 51.09%, was launched in Germany, the birthplace of the internal combustion engine, and professional audiences from many countries had a strong desire for cooperation. On November 20 of the same year, after two months, Weichai released the world's first commercial diesel engine with a body thermal efficiency of 52.28%, which once again shocked the world.

What does it mean when the thermal efficiency breaks through 50%?

Hard core technology, carbon is the best. The level of thermal efficiency is a symbol of the comprehensive strength of a country's diesel engine technology. Since the advent of diesel engines, thermal efficiency exceeding 50% has become a worldwide technical problem. Individual commercialization projects in Europe and the United States can exceed 48%, but it is extremely difficult to cross the high line of 50%. Therefore, it was Weichai that allowed China to seize the leading position on this track.

From the release of the world's first diesel engine with a body thermal efficiency of 50.23% in September 2020, to 51.09% in January 2022, and then to a new record of 52.28%, Weichai, which has climbed three steps in three years, continues to climb the peak of the industry. According to estimates, compared with the average level of 46% of existing mainstream products in the market, the commercial application of 52.28% bulk thermal efficiency technology can reduce my country's carbon dioxide emissions by 60 million tons per year.

Only by bravely entering no man's land can you appreciate the infinite scenery. After breaking through 50%, we are completely ahead of the world. We have no experience to learn from, and no path to refer to. We can only rely on ourselves. Dr. Dou Zhancheng, a Weichai young scientist, told reporters that when the R&D tasks are the most arduous, it is common to live and live in the laboratory, and it is common to modify hundreds of design schemes within a month. They pushed hard with every 0.01%, achieving breakthroughs in extreme technical performance. In that seemingly ordinary war room, revolutions in the world's internal combustion engine industry have been brewing one after another.

Don't make quick money, make long money. Traveling through time and space, the older generation of Weichai people dare not imagine what it looks like today; standing at the moment, the new generation of Weichai people are still continuing to seek breakthroughs. There is only one thing between not daring to think and being the first to be brave.

Weichai has the courage and determination to divest the auxiliary business and stick to the main business. Especially for a period of time, in the face of fierce market competition and the temptation of "high returns" in the real estate and financial industries, many companies blindly followed the trend, doing what they got money quickly, and their wallets bulged for a while, but they failed their martial arts. And Weichai, for so many years, has never paid any attention to its non-main business, and has never invested a penny in real estate.

Weifang Minsheng East Street, where the old Weichai factory covers an area of 800 mu. Under the afterglow of the setting sun, the quiet factory area makes people instantly return to the passionate years. "This is a prime location in Weifang City. Someone once mobilized us to engage in real estate, but we were not tempted. Every year, we organize new employees to visit here and feel Weichai's persistence." Lu Wenwu, senior president of Weichai Group and former chairman of the labor union told reporters.

In the era of big opportunities, of course we must seize opportunities, but we cannot be opportunists. Concentrating on the main business has become the obsession of Weichai's development. This obsession has brought about the pride of Weichai's products. They finally sold the engine for more money than real estate - the social energy-saving benefit of a diesel engine with a body thermal efficiency of 51.09% As high as 140 billion yuan.

All geared up, the powertrain. On November 20, 2022, Weichai also released a commercial product of 54.16% natural gas engines that attracted the attention of the global industry, which can reduce carbon emissions for the entire industry by 30 million tons a year. As a leading company of natural gas engines, Weichai occupies 70% of the global market share of high-power natural gas engines, ranking first in the world in terms of production and sales.

In addition to natural gas, Weichai has already made plans in the new energy track. According to Hu Haihua, a member of the Party Committee of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, the parent company of Weichai Group, Weichai began to deploy in the field of new energy 10 years ago, completed breakthroughs in key core technologies and commercial applications, and mastered a number of original patented technologies. The three new energy technology routes of fuel cell, hybrid power and pure electric power are currently going hand in hand with a good momentum.

Today, with the heart of Weichai brand, from road use to non-road use, from ocean and inland waterway shipping to high-speed high-end large-bore cylinders, it has successfully built industries such as power systems, commercial vehicles, agricultural equipment, construction machinery, smart logistics, and marine transportation equipment. The pattern of coordinated development of the sector.

Just as Tan Xuguang, chairman of Weichai Group, said, whether it is the powertrain or the complete vehicle and complete machine business, it is all to strengthen the main business and to give full play to the core technical advantages of the group's powertrain. In the fierce market competition, the survival of an enterprise must not only hone eighteen kinds of martial arts, but also have perfect skills. Between the main business and the auxiliary business, there is the wisdom of giving and receiving. Weichai builds up momentum in the strategic focus, strengthens and optimizes the main business, builds momentum in steady and steady development, develops and expands the main business, and forges the main business that leads the world in the face of market storms, so as to lead in innovation, Take the lead in entrepreneurship and creation.

How to solve big but not strong?

Innovation is the first driving force. It is not enough to focus on the main business without distraction, and the blessing of technological innovation is very important. To solve the chronic problem that state-owned enterprises are suspected of being too big but not strong, technological innovation is also needed to break the situation. For so many years, what Weichai is willing to invest and dare to invest in is centered on "innovation", so as to break away from egalitarianism, bureaucracy, red-eyedism, and chaoticism.Stimulate the driving force of innovation, do not forget to break the heartache.

Along the way, Wang Zhijian, the former executive president of Weichai Power and now the general manager of Sinotruk, was full of emotion. In 1998, the factory could not pay wages for half a year, cut off water and electricity, and two-thirds of the R&D personnel left, and the book funds were only 8 10,000 yuan, but the debt is as high as 300 million yuan. The 37-year-old Tan Xuguang was appointed in the face of danger and became the youngest factory director in Weichai's history, and the battle for reform also started. After learning from the pain, Tan Xuguang, the factory director, is determined to pull up the research and development team, raise the competitiveness of products, and enter the market with strength. From 0 to 1, the most difficult thing is to establish a positive research and development process.

Wang Zhijian said that at first, we asked the consulting company to "turnkey" the development of new products, and we sent a team to follow them from beginning to end, cracking the "black box" that others would not tell you. Gradually establish a research and development process, and subdivide more than 30 processes. The research and development process has been continuously refined over the years.

There is no ultimate success, only continuous growth. At present, the group has nearly 6,000 R&D personnel in the engine sector, and has established a completely independent forward R&D capability for engines. Not only is it the strongest in China, but it can also compete with world experts.

The autonomous electronic control system is the brain of the engine. For a long time, this technology has been monopolized by foreign countries. Li Guopeng, an electronic control system development engineer, said that on the basis of reverse development against international advanced enterprises, they have continuously iteratively updated and failed countless times. After four years of hard work, they have created my country's first self-developed high-voltage common rail electric control system. Wait, break the foreign technology blockade, let the engine have a Chinese core.

Weichai people are full of sense of accomplishment by starting from scratch and becoming the number one in the industry. When we see the 4 million engine logos flashing everywhere on the big screen, their impact on the pulse of China's economy is also active in front of our eyes. This is responsibility! "Song Yedong, deputy manager of intelligent service development business, said passionately.

Incentivize innovative achievements, and give eye-catching praise and rewards to those who are willing to sit on the bench. Being able to make money is skill, and being able to share money is wisdom. As early as 2001, Weichai established the Science and Technology Innovation Award, rewarding scientific and technological achievements with 700,000 yuan. So far, the scientific and technological innovation award conference held every two years has become the highlight. In 2019, the "Weichai Science and Technology Highest Award" rewarded individuals with 10 million yuan. R & D personnel, craftsmen from big countries, etc. stepped on the podium, received praises, and won heavy awards, which greatly stimulated the enthusiasm for technological innovation. A group of scientific and technological talents and innovative products stand out.

In January 2020, Weichai Power was rated as a global lighthouse factory. Luan Jianwei, director of Factory No. 1, told reporters that this is an important manufacturing base for Weichai’s high-speed and high-power engines. It can produce more than 70 varieties of engines with mixed lines, and has an annual production capacity of 300,000 units. The main production links have been realized. automation.

Shujun valve lifter automatic assembly unit, Yangyang timing gear bolt tightening unit... There are many process signs named after people in Weichai workshop, highlighting the achievements of first-line innovation and a compliment to the innovation of craftsmen. Wang Shujun, Chief Technician of Weichai Power, started as a maintenance worker, repaired equipment, modified equipment, and then manufactured equipment. In the past 9 years, he has led the team to implement more than 250 innovations of various types, creating a cumulative economic benefit of more than 60 million yuan.

Construct a competition mechanism, and reveal the truth of the list. Weichai does not set up birdcages for young scientific and technological personnel, but releases pigeons as much as possible to let them spread their wings and fly. In March 2021, in response to urgently needed products in the market and strategic key core technologies, etc., the Group released a batch of top-notch projects, regardless of qualifications and qualifications, and 47 project leaders were selected through public bidding, of which 18 were ordinary scientific researchers .

Because of its vibrant innovation ecology, Weichai’s technological engine has moved the world, gradually building domestically leading and world-class technological innovation capabilities. Since 2018, Weichai has shifted gears and increased speed, new technologies and new formats have taken off in an all-round way, and digital transformation is in full swing. Weichai won the third China Quality Award and the second China Industry Award. In 2019, Weichai Power's key technology and application project of heavy-duty commercial vehicle powertrain won the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, which completely reversed the dilemma of lack of core technology for heavy-duty powertrain in my country.

Innovation is the source of an enterprise's core competitiveness, and Weichai has always focused on its main business to improve its core competitiveness, which inspires us. One is independence and openness, core technologies cannot be found or bought, and it is necessary to "sit on the bench for ten years, but innovation is not behind closed doors. If you are willing to work hard, you must make good use of your strengths; the second is to save money and burn money. You can't spend a penny indiscriminately, but you don't want to be an iron cock. Those who should burn money should find the right direction and accumulate momentum for the future track; the third is that the research and development mechanism is wide and strict, and scientific and technological innovation must be tolerant of failure, and strive to create innovation. Environment, inclusiveness, tolerance and personality of talents.

How do thousands of horses gallop? Talent is the key to a strong enterprise. Weifang, where Weichai’s headquarters is located, is not a first-tier city, so why attract high-end talents? What makes a talent come alive, move, and become stronger? Weichai's approach is to build a stage for all kinds of talents to compete for performance.

One is seeking talent and attracting talents. Buying equipment is not as good as buying technology, and buying technology is not as good as buying talents. This is a saying that Weichai's management is on the lips of. In recent years, Weichai has introduced more than 300 high-end talents from home and abroad. The story of Chen Wenmiao, born in the 1980s, is quite representative. Chen Wenmiao, who studied at Tsinghua University for undergraduate, master, and doctoral degrees, majored in power engineering in the Department of Automotive Engineering. In the spring of 2009, shortly after he submitted his resume to Weichai, he received a call saying that Chairman Tan Xuguang wanted to have an interview with him.

I remember very clearly that in the lobby of the hotel, Mr. Tan talked with me for 20 minutes during the meeting, talking about the company's development and future plans. It is very unusual for the chairman of a multinational company to interview me, a student who has not officially stepped out of school. My answer is, I will be your soldier in the future.

Are you talking about salary? No, Weichai's platform is very attractive, and the chairman is full of sincerity, that's enough!

Today, Chen Wenmiao has served as the deputy general manager of Weichai Group and is a leader in Weichai's new energy sector. Under his promotion, 28 Weichai hydrogen fuel cell bus lines have been opened in Shandong, with a running mileage of more than 20 million kilometers.

The reporter interviewed many experts and engineers, and they all had the same feeling that Weichai can realize its dreams only through talents. Choose Weichai and be yourself that is not defined. This small video of Weichai’s school recruitment has made many job seekers feel excited-here...any business sector you choose is the ceiling of the industry. In the future, it is up to you to create a higher peak.

The second is to be able to use talents up and down. Aiming at seniority ranking, a chronic disease that restricts the vitality of enterprises, the three system reforms launched in 1998 were drastic, and the number of 108 first-level institutions was reduced to 79. Jiang Ningtao, vice president of Weichai Power, said that starting from April 2020, a competition for re-employment was organized. Some cadres who used to serve as department heads were downgraded to the department level. Through the competitive selection mechanism, open selection and competitive appointments are used as the main means of cadre selection, breaking the comfort zone, and truly realizing "the capable go up, the mediocre go down, and the mediocre go down." In recent years, the competitive employment rate of newly promoted leading cadres has reached over 80%.

The third is to train and empower talents. Weichai has 100,000 employees worldwide, most of whom are blue-collar workers. For manufacturing enterprises, only by improving the quality of employees can they lay a solid foundation for development. In 2016, the new campus of Weichai Vocational University with an investment of nearly 300 million yuan was completed. Today, it can accommodate 1,200 full-time students and 1,000 trainees at the same time, becoming a classroom to enhance the learning ability of employees.

The reporter walked into a lecture hall, and the title of the report was systematic technological innovation methods under big data. This is Weichai Group's 2022 intensive training class for leading cadres. The courses involve team building, corporate culture, operating model, innovative thinking, etc. For middle-level cadres, training operational skills is not urgent, it is important to break the stereotype of thinking. This class was very inspiring to me! Student Liu Hongyong said. Weichai has achieved full coverage of personnel training for each sequence of positions, and increased the training of middle and high-level talents and R&D sequence personnel, with an average training hour of 105 hours per capita. "Weichai Power

Yang Hanliang, Assistant Minister of Human Resources, said that in the past five years, more than 1.3 million employees have been trained, and the total number of training hours has exceeded 11.5 million. At the same time, they have carried out strategic cooperation in talent training with Huawei, Stanford University, Tsinghua University, etc., so that young people can grow up. The fourth is to open up channels for strong talents. Weichai has a special scientific and technological innovation team - craftsmen. A group of big country craftsmen, Qilu big craftsmen, and Weichai big craftsmen have become important forces in Weichai's innovation team.

In 2016, Weichai carried out the reform of professional titles, opened up the channels for workers and cadres, and broke the ceiling of talent growth. Workers can also enter the sequence of engineers if they do a good job. Ordinary technicians can get the salary of the middle and high-level management cadres of the company, and they can also receive heavy rewards .

Li Ming, a maintenance worker at the Material Forming Center, was promoted from a senior worker to a technician after winning the first prize of the National Intelligent Manufacturing Award. I can go from a technician to a chief technician, and I can also evaluate my title in the future. The income of a chief technician is equivalent to that of a company executive!

I kind of regret it now! Zhao Yongchang, who works in the Weichai trade union, said with a smile that I was also a technician back then, and there were few career paths for workers at that time, so I became a manager through my own efforts. Later, the upward channel for workers was opened up, and the income and incentives were no worse than that of cadres. Everyone was shocked, and now there is a lot to be done as a worker! "

Talent is the most precious resource. Behind Weichai's use of talents, there is the support of methodology. One is that Wutongshu and Golden Phoenix have achieved each other, attracting high-end talents with the help of the business platform, which in turn enhances the value of the enterprise platform; It is a smooth passage, paving the track, making people always see hope, feel inadequacy, and full of energy, so as to avoid job burnout.

Are there many storms in capital operation?

Today's Weichai is able to stand at the high end of the global industrial chain, which is achieved through fierce competition in the capital market. In the meantime, the stories of strengthening the bones and bones by wind and waves, deduce the dialectical relationship between persistence and expansion - no mergers and acquisitions that have nothing to do with the main business. With every expansion, technology and products are extended and sublimated; with every merger and acquisition, the industrial advantages of both parties complement and enhance each other.

Strengthen the industrial chain around the main business and occupy the high ground of the industry. In 2004, Weichai Power was listed in Hong Kong, opening up the road to capital internationalization. This pioneering move in my country's internal combustion engine industry also made Weichai start to think about larger and longer-term development in the future. For this reason, they spared no expense in hiring a world-renowned international management consulting firm for strategic planning. "If we stick to the diesel engine and do not carry out industrial extension, Weichai will be in trouble again within five years." This suggestion made Weichai executives suddenly vigilant.

The dream is in the heart, the opportunity is in the hand. In April 2004, the capital tycoon "Delong Group" collapsed, and the assets of Hunan Torch under its control were sold, including Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck, which developed complete vehicles, Fast, which produced transmissions, and Hande, which manufactured axles. Whoever wins the Hunan Torch will have the opportunity to become the champion of China's heavy truck industry. Xu Xinyu, senior president of Weichai Group, said that the day before the bidding, in order to prevent accidents on the flight, Weichai soldiers divided into two groups, each with a bid document with official seal, departed from Qingdao and Jinan respectively, and flew to Changsha on the same day. Secure bids for the next day.

The process of merging Hunan Torch can be described as swordsmanship, and the game with major shareholders, disputes with creditors, and battles with bidding rivals can all be made into wonderful TV dramas. After a battle of wits and courage, Weichai finally won the bid. The first time Tan Xuguang cried in public was at the celebration banquet for the reorganization of Hunan Torch in August 2005.

Through the strategic reorganization of Torch, Weichai has created the world's first heavy-duty commercial vehicle powertrain business model of engine + transmission + axle. The acquisition of Xiang Torch is an important step taken by Weichai. It is the first time to use the power of capital to achieve multiplicative expansion, and it has also trained a merger and acquisition team. The integration of industries, capital and culture of the two parties has also accumulated experience for future overseas mergers and acquisitions. Xu Xinyu said.

Overseas mergers and acquisitions are carefully carried out step by step, and the skills are internationalized. When the international financial crisis broke out in 2008, many established companies in Europe fell into financial difficulties. Weichai seized the opportunity to achieve an international leap. Tan Xuguang grasps the domestic and international markets, and the annual flight mileage reaches 400,000 kilometers, which can be called a flying man.

Affected by the international financial crisis, the international trade and shipping market fell sharply. Baudouin, a century-old French shipbuilding company, saw a sharp drop in orders and eventually went bankrupt. At that time, Weichai was developing a 16-liter engine, and Baudouin's core product was the 16-liter to 32-liter engine, which was just complementary to Weichai's products.

However, at the analysis and demonstration meeting of Weichai’s acquisition of Baudouin, due to the current situation of the company’s heavy debts, too small scale, and the prediction that the European market would be difficult to control, a group of senior executives in charge of marketing, technology, procurement, etc. be opposed to.

Tan Xuguang asked Chief Designer Zhang Jiyuan: How many years will it take to develop a brand new 16-liter engine? The other party replied: At least 5 years, it may not necessarily be successful. What Tan Xuguang sees in Baudouin is different from others. Baudouin's mature technology and matching power section are what Weichai needs; to try to really go out and manage an overseas company with less capital can pave the way for the dream of internationalization.

To remind everyone, at the second acquisition demonstration meeting, the acquisition proposal was unanimously approved. The significance of the acquisition of Baudouin is extraordinary, and it represents Weichai's first step forward. More importantly, Weichai has gradually established the strategic principles of overseas mergers and acquisitions, which are based on strengthening the weak links, adjusting the structure, strengthening the main business, focusing on the urgent needs of enterprises, high-end technology, and national strategies, and refraining from mergers and acquisitions that have nothing to do with the main business. Jiang Kui, general manager of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, the parent company of Weichai Group, told reporters. Weichai's internationalization has been meticulous step by step, and each expansion has brought uniqueness in technology and new industrial layout——

In 2009, the French Baudouin was reorganized to realize the transformation to marine power; in 2012, the acquisition of Italian Ferretti was able to control the luxury yacht business; from 2012 to 2016, the German KION and the American Dematic were reorganized to create a world-leading intelligent logistics industry chain , acquired Linde Hydraulics to introduce monopoly hydraulic technology into China; in 2017, invested in PSI, an alternative fuel power provider in the United States, and opened up access to the US market; The fuel cell company Ballard Power of Canada has reached a natural gas engine cooperation with Westport Fuel Systems of Canada to control the three core technologies of new energy for commercial vehicles; from 2020 to 2021, the strategic restructuring of Germany's Odyssey, Austria's Widis, and Switzerland's Flying Speed Fuel Cell Air compressor company, to achieve global coverage and balanced development of strategic business.

The strategic reorganization adds the wings of the tiger, and deeply cultivates the fertile fields to generate gold. The development of Weichai people has never stopped. At the beginning of 2021, a big news broke out in the domestic agricultural machinery industry-Weichai Group reorganized Lovol Heavy Industry. Lovol Heavy Industry is one of the leading agricultural equipment brands in my country and the only independent brand in China that can provide a complete mechanization solution for modern agriculture. Its harvesting machinery, tractors and other businesses have maintained a leading position in the country for nearly 20 consecutive years.

For this reorganization, Weichai has long been prepared. In 2020, its share in the agricultural equipment power industry will increase to 20%, and it has mastered the key core technology of agricultural equipment CVT (continuously variable transmission) powertrain, breaking the foreign monopoly in one fell swoop. Weichai strategically restructured Lovol Heavy Industries, realizing the effect of 1+1>2. Relying on core resources such as high-end off-road full-series engines, CVT powertrains and hydraulic powertrains, Weichai equips Lovol with an efficient and reliable power core. At the same time, Weichai's advantages in electronic control, new energy and other fields can effectively cooperate with Lovol to lead agricultural equipment to high-end. Ma Changhai, secretary of the party committee and general manager of Weichai Group, said that the planned sales volume of agricultural equipment in 2022 was 142,000 units, and 143,000 units were completed by November of that year, exceeding the annual plan ahead of schedule. The integration of the two has also achieved a significant increase in economic benefits. According to Wang Guimin, general manager of Weichai Lovol, the sales revenue of Weichai Lovol's agricultural equipment sector will be 7.87 billion yuan in 2020, and the sales revenue in 2022 will be about 16 billion yuan, which is a double growth compared with 2020.

In the process of state-owned enterprise reform, capital operation is a must-answer question and also a difficult problem. The success of Weichai has provided an idea for answering the question. The first is to properly handle the relationship between persistence and improvement. Capital operation is the means, and mastering core technologies and strengthening the main business is the goal. The second is to scientifically understand crisis and opportunity, be good at seeing opportunity in crisis, turning crisis into opportunity, cultivating new opportunities, and preempting opportunities. The third is to deal with the relationship between motivation and effect. Both want to do good things, but also want to do good things. Weichai showed that the decision-makers and management are enlightened, shrewd and smart in their decision-making in "Startling at every step and careful at every step".

How to deal with all kinds of thoughts?

Completing mergers and acquisitions is not easy, and the subsequent management integration and cultural integration make the challenges even more arduous. The global strategic layout and the rapid expansion of industrial scale have forced Weichai to build a management system that can be evaluated, replicated, and exported. There are so many things to know, where do I start?

Management of enterprises must be good at grasping the main contradiction. This is technology, marketing and management. Technology and marketing create blood and directly create value; management is the rules, order and hub of enterprise operation, which is indirectly transformed into productivity by empowering business, which is very important but easy to be hidden. Tan Xuguang said that Weichai should fully optimize the management ecology, fully activate every management cell, and rejuvenate the enterprise.

The governance of enterprises reaches the rules and regulations. While learning from the world's advanced management experience, Weichai has fully integrated its own reality, continuously explored, tried and made mistakes, and gradually formed a set of WOS management models that conform to international rules, are suitable for China's national conditions, and have Weichai's characteristics.

Through this model, Weichai decomposes corporate strategy and long-term vision into operational and achievable tasks layer by layer; through management reform, clear assessment standards for each branch, each department, and each type of work , Form a unified management order and management language, strengthen team process awareness and communication awareness, establish a cost control management model and system for the entire process of R&D, production, sales, and service, and effectively improve corporate efficiency.

Taking the Weichai engine business segment as an example, the process efficiency improvement rate has increased from 19.0% in the first quarter of 2021 to 76% in the fourth quarter of 2022; the per capita output value has increased from 3.099 million yuan/person in 2017 to 2021 4.425 million yuan per person.

The changes in the production site are even more significant. When many foreign businessmen visited, they praised the neat workshop, standardized management, intelligent production line, technological improvement and creation named after the employees. Yang Zhaoxia of Weichai Belt and Road Overseas Team said.

WOS has been gradually promoted in the industrial chain centered on Weichai, and has also shown vigorous vitality in the management practice of many overseas enterprises of the group, becoming the endogenous force for the rapid growth of Weichai's industrial chain. Zhang Quan, Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive CEO of Weichai Power, said.

Kill many birds with one stone. WOS is also the quality rule of Weichai, which has solidly improved Weichai's manufacturing level and laid the foundation for future intelligent manufacturing. Yin Huiqiong, quality director of Weichai Power, said. In 2018, Weichai won the third China Quality Award for its WOS quality management model. In 2021, this model will be successfully selected as one of the top ten benchmark models of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council."

Let the sun illuminate every corner of the enterprise. "A system in a drawer is just waste paper, and it has vitality only when it is run in the sun." This is what Tan Xuguang often says. In practice, it means that corporate decision-making is transparent, work is transparent, and supervision is transparent. Open the management team blog, and "change the glass door and remove the sofa" in the office of the leading cadres, so that the sunshine can cover every corner of the enterprise.

In 2010, the entire management team of Weichai opened a blog on the OA platform to communicate with front-line employees at zero distance, which facilitated the suggestions and democratic supervision of all employees.

The factory's front-line production process needs to be optimized, and there are only two pork ribs in a serving of potato-baked pork ribs in the staff cafeteria... On Weichai's internal blog, employees put forward various demands, such as overtime in the approval process of some subsidiaries, irregular signing and review of official documents, etc. There are also issues closely related to the production and life of employees. Under the question, the relevant department responded, and the management efficiency was improved through the interaction. Which department is involved in the problem after it is released, that department must take the problem away within 24 hours, and if it does not take it away, it will be held accountable. "Ma Changhai said that Weichai has set up an inspection room, which is responsible for supervising the progress of problem rectification.

To turn the blade inward requires courage and courage. As Tan Xuguang said: I have no friends, and if I have no friends, I am all friends. Only in this way can we treat people equally and measure them to the end. "

Weichai's simplified organization, refined management, and lean operation are due to the handling of the three groups of relationships. One is reference and integration. The enterprise management model is like shoes, there is no best, only suitable or not, we must "study with heart, practice with practice, master the way, and integrate into one". The second is conservation and innovation. The management model must keep pace with the times and change with the times; at the same time, it must be run-in or even trial and error in practice in order to be perfected day by day. The third is strict management and love. Iron soldiers are forged, and good soldiers are made of love. They must have the heart of a bodhisattva and the means of thunderbolt. Strict requirements at work and care and love in life complement each other.

Is corporate culture in vain?

In Weichai's workshops, office buildings, canteens, etc., slogans embodying corporate culture can be seen everywhere, and they embody Weichai's spirit of focusing on the main business without distraction. No matter what position they are in or what age they are, the Weichai people the reporter met are full of passion and motivation—the leadership is capable, takes the lead, and does everything, and every employee is conscious, eager to do it, and willing to do it. With this energy, none of Weichai's more than 1,000 cadres had "problems" over the past 20 years, and none of the core team members left.

Not fighting for the first place is just messing around, and the pursuit of the ultimate goes deep into the bottom of my heart. In Weichai, there are no bad habits of "coaxing to do it", "forced to do it" and "mixing it to do it", only the ecology of "competing to do it", "rushing to do it" and "consciously doing it". "Tan Xuguang told reporters.

Weichai people are permeated with the passionate culture of "not fighting for the first place is being mixed". Heavy-duty engines, heavy-duty gearboxes, and heavy-duty trucks are the world's No. 1 brand, luxury yachts are the world's No. 1 brand, bulldozers, tractors, and harvesting machinery are No. 1 in China... The first item is the record, the honor, and the love and high-spirited passion of Weichai's loyalty to the enterprise.

Zhang Donghai, vice president of Weichai Vocational University, worked in more than 20 departments in Weichai for 37 years and witnessed the prosperity of the enterprise. The first is the consistent pursuit of everyone.

Wang Wanting, who has just been working for a year, is also igniting her dreams and pursuits in the culture of passion. "I'm in my youth, and dawdling around is a waste of life, and I must not let down every inch of my time!"

The culture of passion is associated with the culture of efficiency, and one day is used as two and a half days. The R&D building at 10 o'clock in the evening is full of lights. The reporter randomly walked into an office, and many people were spontaneously working overtime. Zheng Xue, deputy director of the Light Truck Platform Office of the Engine Research Institute, has worked in Weichai for 11 years. She said: When I wake up in the morning, I will cheer up and fight for my dreams.

If you do it, you will be responsible, and if you do it, you will be in place. Behind the responsibility is selfless dedication. Weichai people's love and responsibility for their work are reflected in the company's executive culture-take responsibility for what you do, and do what you do. Whether it is the dedication of the older generation or the struggle of the younger generation, it is inspired by the pride of taking the factory as home and loving the factory as home, and it is supported by the ultimate pursuit of product quality and respect for customers.

Weichai Power's three-high test team has been running around in extreme areas such as high temperature, high cold, and plateau all year round, which is the limit for body and willpower 

challenge. But they take pleasure in suffering, in exchange for products that can stand the test of time. Wang Fulong, born in 1982, is a veteran of the team. "I once did a test on a plateau of 4,700 meters, and a stone was caught between the wheels. The team members and I took over two hours to pry the stone out. Every time I tried hard, it was the pain and suffering of lack of oxygen, but still I want to go to the plateau a few more times.”

For more than ten years, our team has done vehicle tests and created one product after another that satisfies customers and has market reputation. This is what makes me the happiest. "Weichai Power's "Three High" test team leader Lu Wenzhi said emotionally. 25-year-old Li Jie also felt the same way. When I develop a product and deliver it to the user, I will have a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Tan Zhixue, Assistant Dean of Weichai Engine Research Institute, is also a member of the "independent overtime army". He said that what touched me the most about the company was its core values—customer satisfaction is our aim. Our technology and efforts really bring value to customers, are needed, appreciated, and recognized by others, which makes everyone full of motivation.

Money will be distributed, resources will be exhausted, and only culture will continue to thrive. The governance of Weichai not only has "hard" systems, mechanisms and rules and regulations, but also has soft people with emotions, morals and culture. People are full of flesh, with a heart-warming and caring entrepreneurial ecology, everyone feels that working in Weichai is not only a profession, but also a career, and a spiritual home. Abandon the circle culture, closed culture, and lazy government culture. Everyone can start a business with peace of mind, innovate with confidence, create with heart, concentrate on doing things, take root smoothly, suffer happily, and live comfortably.

Is it easy to cross the mountains?

Only by far-sightedness and foresight can we make steady and long-term progress. Some people think that Tan Xuguang, the head of Weichai, is courageous, daring to think of things that others dare not think of, brave to do things that others have not done, and good at doing things that others cannot do. But Tan Xuguang said: I am in charge of a state-owned enterprise, and I must do things cleanly without any mistakes. The arrogance in the "pro-cycle" and the confidence in the counter-cycle come from not inflating when successful and being resilient when difficult. And this kind of cognition is the bottom-line thinking and strategic vision that people often say. Sober cognition sky high and earth thick.

After crossing thousands of mountains and rivers, we have to continue to trek through mountains and rivers, and even face stormy waves. Faced with a series of new situations, new problems, new changes, and new challenges, Weichai people have never thought about lying down, nor dreaming of lying down and winning. Deeply cultivated in the main business, always adhere to crisis-driven and problem-oriented, every economic cycle, when reaching the peak of the stage, habitually pour a basin of cold water on myself——

In 2007, the global economic situation was very good, but they saw that a new round of recession in the global economy had arrived. In 2013, facing Weichai engine's thriving situation, they believed that the "wolf" would come soon. In 2017, focusing on how to move towards high-end and challenge the world's first-class, they proposed that if there is no change, it will perish. In the first half of 2021, the switch from "National V" to "National VI" emission standards has brought about a surge in market demand. Many people are immersed in joy, but they are thinking: Will we be subverted and eliminated in the next ten years?

Because we are walking on thin ice, Weichai is bold and dares to make drastic changes in innovation, employment and reform. Because of trepidation, when the "counter-cyclical" really appeared, Weichai once again showed the resilience brought by anticipating risk awareness and the ability to fight risks-in 2022, Weichai Group overcame difficulties to ensure order delivery, and product exports achieved unprecedented substantial growth. The road is underfoot. Weichai's next goal is to surpass US$10 billion in export revenue in 2023.

Dream ahead. The technology tower standing in the center of the factory area bears the vision of the future. The ring-shaped electronic display on the top is counting down to 2030. At that point, Weichai’s new energy business leads the global industry development and its revenue reaches 1 One trillion yuan, an international strong enterprise among the world's top 500. Time pays off, and the advantage embraces the trend. Only struggle and struggle, do the right thing, do things right. Keep going, the future can be expected! Glory ahead, the mission must be achieved!Editor/Xing Wentao


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