China's first power, Tan Xuguang's science and technology chess!

Seetao 2023-01-20 15:07
  • Tan Xuguang has made significant contributions to the technical progress and industry development of internal combustion engine in China
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Throughout the successful and sustainable enterprise cases at home and abroad, the leader of the enterprise must be a scientific and technological strategic manager, rather than just a simple enterprise manager.

Tan Xuguang, who was named "influential scientist" by Science Chinese magazine on January 17, is a representative of the strategic manager of science and technology.

For more than 40 years, Tan Xuguang can be described as "the first power in China". He has been striving for a long time in the front line of China's power system engineering technology innovation and practice, always standing at a higher starting point to "seek out" science and technology, with scientific and systematic thinking of precise layout, the first "into the game" to make efforts, his bold and bold style of action and global strategic vision for the layout of the global industry praise.

The first "handsome" : "traditional power + new energy" two-wheel drive

In Chinese chess, shuai is the leader of the game. For Tan Xuguang, who has "diesel oil" in his blood, to focus on the main business without distraction is his initial intention to make the Weichai engine business into the world's top brand.

Over the past decades, under the leadership of Tan Xuguang, Weichai has made great strides to catch up with the international advanced level through technological innovation, and completed the transformation from following and running to leading. On the one hand, it takes the lead in the global industry to build the power train of heavy commercial vehicles, which supports our own brand commercial vehicles to occupy more than 99% of the domestic market share and achieve batch export; On the other hand, it has broken the world record of thermal efficiency for three times, and pushed the diesel technology into "no man's land" again and again. In the main battlefield of the world's scientific and technological innovation, the flag of "made in China" is held high.

Facing the energy revolution, Tan Xuguang, who has a unique strategic vision and strong resource integration ability, caught up with the tuyere and stepped on the drum. His new energy business quickly took root and formed an industrial layout with three technical routes as the core: "fuel cell + hybrid + pure electric".

In recent years, Weichai has pressed the "acceleration key" in the reform of the new energy industry, and has made frequent efforts to carry out multi-scene demonstration applications, creating the first in many industries, the first in China and the first in China, and achieving the "Weichai speed" of accelerating the development of new energy power.

Chess strong "car" : "eight hospitals and one center" gather force innovation

The rook is the main force in chess. In October 2022, Weichai Power Science and Technology Research Institute, with a total investment of more than 11 billion yuan, was officially opened. This is the forward-looking layout of Tan Xuguang's 10-year planning and efforts to improve the capability of scientific and technological research and development, aiming to build Weichai's efficient command of global research and development of the "intelligent brain".

The General Institute fully integrates the platforms of engine Research Institute, large-cylinder diameter engine Research Institute, hydraulic transmission Research Institute, new energy Research Institute, electronic control and software Research Institute, future Technology Research Institute, intelligent Agriculture Research Institute, craft craftsman Research Institute, product test and test center, forming a research and development layout of "eight institutes and one center", which gathers strength to build the "Silicon Valley" of Weichai's global research and development system.

"In the new platform of the General Institute of Science and Technology Research, we want to create the largest scientific and technological productivity, burst out unprecedented innovation impetus, let a stronger Weichai stand in the forefront of global power technology!" Tan Xuguang said.

It can be expected that, with the "eight institutes and one center" increasingly showing the innovation vitality, it will release the strongest scientific and technological combat effectiveness, break through more "choke" technology, master more "killer" technology, and become the "incubation pool" of Weichai's core technology achievements.

Chess fine "soldier" : "four in one" innovation system

"Soldiers are better than many". With science and technology "incubation pool", how to stimulate innovation, drive innovation, form the overall radiation force? This requires a clear strategic and tactical path.

Through years of innovation practice, Tan Xuguang has established a four-in-one scientific and technological innovation system of "independent innovation + open innovation + basic innovation + artisan innovation" at Weichai, bursting out strong innovation vitality.

In the past 10 years, Weichai alone spent more than 30 billion yuan on engine technology research and development. In Tan Xuguang's mind, the money is well spent: the core technology is the enterprise's "anchor" and "the only way", research and development investment can not love money! Under the incentive of the ecology of "high pressure - high contribution - high salary", the innovation efficiency of talents gathering in Weichai has been highlighted. With the spirit of driving nails, Weichai has forged a series of "killer mace" technologies, firmly holding the key core technologies in its own hands.

As the "chain leader" of the internal combustion engine industry, Tan Xuguang also focuses on collaborative innovation of the industrial chain, and works with more than 120 upstream and downstream enterprises to create a "research and development community" and build an "ecosystem" of industrial mass innovation. At the same time, scientific and technological innovation centers will be established in many places around the world to carry out research on cutting-edge technologies in an open innovation mode.

For basic innovation, Tan Xuguang focused on national strategies, industrial weaknesses and technical bottlenecks, and established the Future Technology Research Institute in Weichai, committed to incubating more scientific and technological achievements from 1 to N, or even from 0 to N, to take the lead in scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement.

Under Tan's advocacy, Weichai has also continuously planted more artisan soil, encouraged first-line innovation, and cultivated more than 1,000 high-end artisan talents, providing intellectual support for Weichai's high-end equipment manufacturing upgrade.

In this scientific and technological chess game, Tan Xuguang, who is moving towards the top of the global power science and technology field, will surely stand more stable and go further. Editor/He Yuting