Interview with Argentine President Fernandez

Seetao 2023-01-29 11:25
  • Argentine President believes that Argentina and China have great potential in deepening relations and enhancing cooperation
  • After the completion of the Gisai Hydropower Station in Argentina, it is expected to meet the electricity consumption of 1.5 million Argentine families
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In the chapter on Sino-Argentine economic and trade cooperation, President Fernandez took the largest Sino-Argentine cooperation project undertaken by China Gezhouba Group and a local Argentine enterprise consortium - the Argentine Gisai Hydropower Station as an example, and vividly expounded the vivid connotation of Sino-Argentine economic and trade cooperation.

The Gisai Hydropower Station in Argentina is a Gisai Hydropower Station built by China Energy Construction and an Argentine enterprise consortium. This hydropower project at the southernmost tip of the world vividly interprets the vivid connotation of the Belt and Road Initiative, and is also a major milestone in the extension of the initiative in Latin America.

Moreno Glacier is more than 100 kilometers away from the hydropower station. In order to better protect the ecology, a series of professional and proper arrangements have been made during the implementation and design of the hydropower station. For example, the water storage height of the dam has been adjusted on the basis of the original, and there are also special designs such as fishways and ecological discharge bottom holes, in order to better protect the environment. As Argentina joins the Belt and Road Initiative, the two countries will radiate more vigor and vitality in energy, infrastructure construction, finance and other fields.Editor/Ma Xue