XCMG tower crane 100 products are shipped to the world in batches

Seetao 2023-01-30 10:29
  • XCMG tower crane has won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad for its high-quality product quality and service
  • In recent years, the overseas market share of XCMG tower crane has increased year by year
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On January 28, 2023, the mass launch ceremony of 100 sets of products with orders of 100 million yuan was held in Xuzhou and Chongqing, two major intelligent manufacturing bases of XCMG tower cranes. The fleets of tower cranes and elevators, which are full of products, set off from the two bases and went to the world to build the frontline.

The products of this departure include three product segments: flat-head tower crane, jib tower crane and construction elevator, achieving a good start for the whole line.

The Chongqing Intelligent Manufacturing Base of XCMG tower cranes started at the same time, and the trucks loaded with XCMG tower crane products drove out of the park in a mighty way. The achievement of more than 100 million yuan opened a new chapter in 2023.Editor/Ma Xue