BOMCOQPI-6000 fracturing pump successfully developed

Seetao 2023-01-31 09:48
  • The successful development of BOMCOQPI-6000 fracturing pump will meet the fracturing needs of different well positions
  • At the same time, it will also contribute to the increase of China's oil and gas reserves and production
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New year, new weather, new products, new journey! The new product of BOMCO fracturing pump——QPI-6000 fracturing pump completed 200 hours of type test in the pump industry branch, laying a solid foundation for entering the oil field field industrial test.

The successful development of the QPI-6000 fracturing pump will provide users with more choices for fracturing operations in multi-purpose occasions, meet the fracturing needs of different well locations, and create a product cluster covering full power from 2500-7000hp, enabling BOMCO to In the field of domestic fracturing product manufacturing, it has become one of the manufacturers that can achieve full working conditions, ultra-high pressure, and multiple scenarios, laying a solid foundation for further localization of fracturing equipment.

The fracturing pump team responsible for the assembly of the QPI-6000 fracturing pump, worked hand in hand with the technical quality department to deal with assembly problems, and passed the quality tracking card to clarify the responsibility to the person, strictly implement the quality management work, and complete the assembly ahead of time with guaranteed quality and quantity Task.

When the QPI-6000 fracturing pump was tested in the factory, the high-power ultra-high pressure fracturing pump test bench put into use last year was used. Under the conditions of long-term, ultra-high pressure, and high-power tests, infrared probes, noise A series of digital tools and visualization systems such as collectors, pressure sensors, and temperature sensors enable real-time data collection and independent analysis on the test bench for the essential capabilities of the fracturing pump, such as operating endurance, power peak, and pressure limit, to form an operating curve , so that the performance of the product jumps out of the theoretical paper and is closer to the actual use scene.

It is understood that BOMCO has been developing fracturing pumps for more than ten years. In particular, on July 10, 2019, the world's largest power 7000hp fracturing pump was successfully rolled off the assembly line, making BOMCO's fracturing pump products from 2500-7000hp Product cluster with full power coverage. QPI-7000 fracturing pump is being applied in Sichuan-Chongqing Changning-Weiyuan and Fuling national shale gas demonstration areas, and has achieved many technological breakthroughs. The QPI-5000 fracturing pump has been put into use in the Aihu operation area, and 38 sections of operation have been completed in the first battle, which has been well received by users.

The QPI-6000 fracturing pump has completed the in-plant test and is about to go to the site for industrial test, which marks that BOMCO has cast another sharp weapon for oil field fracturing operations, and has contributed precious stones to help increase China's oil and gas reserves and production. Editor/He Yuting