Belt and Road

Chinese-made electric buses exported to Kenya

Seetao 2023-02-03 14:57
  • These electric buses are tailor-made for the actual road conditions in Kenya
  • It will greatly improve the ride experience of passengers and become an important part of Kenya's comprehensive transportation system
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Kenya encourages new energy vehicles to enter the public transportation field, and takes practical actions to reduce carbon emissions and alleviate the impact of air pollution and climate change.

On the other hand, China's new energy vehicle industry is developing rapidly. A number of new energy vehicle companies have responded to the Belt and Road Initiative and deployed overseas markets. This has also helped the local area alleviate travel pressure brought about by rising fuel costs. In addition to urban buses, new energy passenger vehicles and new energy rail transit have also gradually entered many African countries.

In the future, more and more Chinese enterprises will participate in the process of green energy transformation in Africa. Editor/He Yuting